Gone Booktalk

Jan 8, 2016
by: AEB_19

Aj Beery
Book title: Gone
Author: Michael Grant
Genre: Sci-Fi
Rating 1-10: Solid 7
Spoiler free summary:
In a town named Perdido Beach, California all people over the age of 15 disappear out of thin air. Nobody knows where they went or what happen to them but there biggest worry is survival. Everybody has to help out, some people search homes for children, some gather and ration food, and others help build their shelter. Instead of everyone going home they all go and live in the plaza. But just as things are going well the bullies show up. They go to an alternative school and try to take over everything. So it's up to the main character to find out what caused the adults disappearing as well as stopping the bullies from threatening everyone's survival.