Gone but not Forgotten

Apr 6, 2012

Dear Manny,

In American Lit we have to write a letter to someone about something we carry. For me, one thing I carry is you. I carry the memories and everything else about you. Your curly black hair, smooth tan skin, and a smile that spread across your face like wild fire. It was so contagious and made everything seem better. I carry the thought of your death I carry the pain of not having you here, not having you around anymore.

I only knew you for a year but even in that short amount of time you changed my life. Whenever you walked into a room, no matter how "dark" it was, you brought light into it. You were such a bright soul. Because of you I am who I am. Any person who knew you became a better person. You mean a lot to me still. You're my best friend even though you're not alive anymore.

Most things a person carries they will get rid of but I will never stop carrying you. You're everything I wish I could be. In 17 years you changed the lives of so many people and a lot of people probably carry you. It's been two months since you were killed. Every Wednesday at 7:49 am I stop what I'm doing take a moment to think of your accident and what happened. I add another week. The longer you're gone then more it hurts to live. I miss you a lot.

One of my favorite memories of us was your very first day at school. We had history together and you walked into the classroom, went to the front row, middle seat, and sat down. You didn't talk to anyone. You just sat there alone. I sat next to you and that's when I first saw your smile. Since that moment you always wanted to work in a group with me. I've always hated history but that one semester with you was great. I found out about your passing at lunch but wasn't sure if it was you. In history I found out it was you which makes me hate history even more.

I had practice Monday-Thursday for the play and your Cross Country practice always ended about the same time so we would talk while waiting for our parents to come. On January 17, 2012 we were waiting as usual but instead of talking we listened to your music and laughed because I couldn't understand most of it. After a few songs you got a text and started gathering your things. You noticed you forgot your jersey so you went back to the locker room to get it. That's the last time I saw you.

As you left to go back my mom showed up. I told you "See you tomorrow." and you replied "for sure." We both didn't know that that meeting wouldn't happen. I'm glad that we were on good terms when you passed. I'm glad that the last thing I said to you was positive. If there was a chance that I could change one thing in the past I would find a way for you to live but if you had to go and the only thing I could change was the last thing I said to you, I would. The last thing I'd say to you would be "I love you." I will always have you in my heart. Your family will always be in my heart.




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Nice work, and a beautiful letter.