The good thing about youthvoices

Jun 15, 2009
by: mshah

My best post on the youth voices was the literature log and essays about HIV/AIDS.  I also like to post up whats up on youth voices. when I get bored i go to youth voices and  write about current events on whats up. It also help me to do research. When i started to read a new book i go to youth voices and read other people's opinion about the book.

This week I put up three literature log about the book called JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN. It feels good when i share something on youth voices.It is easy for me to use this site and actually its a cool site. You could check out videos, podcast and much more.

Next week I will try to post the next literature log about my book. But I m not sure, I actually wanted to do essay about the swine flu. I will do some research about the swine flu and then try to write an essay on the youth voices. 

The difference between youth voices and other sites is that the other sites are sometime very hard to use it. I prefer to write on paper, because I am used to it. In other classes we usually use paper for writing. So i prefer to write on paper then on computer.