Got Free Time?

Feb 11, 2010
by: treyk

    What is the job of a dean?  For all I know, they deal with detentions, absences, punishment, and other jobs assigned to them.  I don't know much about their work load, but it seems to me like they have plenty of time to deal with personal issues of the students, emailing parents, and basically everything their job requires.  I don't want to give out his name, so I will give him the alias of Bob.  Lately, I have needed my dean Bob's assistance in a lot of things involving my parent's permission and I thought that he would be available for all we asked of him.  But I have recently found that he seems to have no time for me what-so-ever, even though I see him lollygagging in the cafeteria throughout the day.  I submitted an extended absence form because I am going to possibly go over the amount of classes we are allowed to miss.  Bob told me that he was going to have a meeting with "Student Services" to decide whether or not I am allowed to miss.  This meeting was supposed to occur Tuesday morning, while my first absence would be Friday.  I needed to drive down to a tennis tournament Thursday afternoon so I needed to hear from him as soon as possible.
    On Tuesday afternoon, I spotted Bob in his office and asked what the verdict was.  He replied, "Oh we didn't have the meeting.  I will get their opinions and tell you what they decided very soon."  Thursday quickly arrives and I haven't heard a word from him.  I called his office with no answer.  I had a conversation with the main office worker who said that they were still debating.  "Still debating!"  I said, "I am supposed to leave tonight."  With still no reply I was forced to call the tournament and default, $75 down the drain.  This was not the first time Bob has failed to impress.  My mother has sent him many emails asking him some pretty crucial information and he has never responded.  In order for us to talk to Bob, we had to show up at school unannounced and force him into a meeting.  How can one person who seems to have plenty of free time never seem to do his job?  It is such a frustrating thing to go through, especially with all the stress of packing and planning that we now had to completely undo.  Thanks Bob.

Here's a video that could hopefully help Bob figure things out.

"Do, do, do, do your job!"
Do Your Job