The Great Eclipse

Mar 19, 2015
by: 20wua

Credits: Lauren Faust and MLP team for Inspiration and ideas.
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Intro: Hey guys! In this animation is a MLP (my little pony)animation inspired by Lauren Faust and MLP team 's MLP. For those not familiar go to watch the show to get an general idea. This talks about the return of Nightmare Moon rather known as Eclipsia in this story who was once the silver ruler of the old Equestria. There are 4 leaders of the directions, Northerna of the North, Flamzia of the South, Celestria of the East, and Selene of the West who are captured by Eclipsia. The 7 guardians of the rainbow have the power of the 7 elements of the rainbow which they thought would be useful, until they you know get captured too. But there are still some saviors in the fate of Equestria, who will they be? The only way is to check the animation out!!!

Scene 1 ( Beginning)

The 4 rulers of Equestria gather in the Hall of Equestria.

Celestria: We are here today to discuss the matter of the return of Eclipsia. It has been eons since she was banished into the outer galaxies. (stage right)

Selene: Yes, the stars are are already forming her return, it will be predicted that she returns on the day of the Great Eclipse, tonight or sooner.(stage left)

Northerna: The clouds are turning dark in the moments and the dark crystals have started to sprout. (stage left)

Flamzia: The crops in the south are starting to wither and we must do something quickly. (stage right)

Eclipsia appears in the center.

Eclipsia: Oh, well, I hate to tell this, actually I’d love to, but you’re too late! Mwhahaha!

Rulers disappear.

The 7 guardians of the rainbow have gathered in the cloud council to discuss stopping Eclipsia.

( Ponies sitting starting from the center with 2 empty thrones formation a semicircle.)

Red: Eclipsia took our leaders now we must go to the castle of 2 sisters and retrieve the 7 elements of the rainbow. (stage left)

All: Agree! Hear! Hear!

The Everfreesis Forest, at the abandon castle of the 2 sisters of harmony. The guardians have entered the location of the elements of the rainbow.

Blue: OMG the elements they are locked into stone! ( stage left )

( Appears in the center)

Eclipsia: That’s right, now how are you going to stop me!!!

Green: Eclipsia maybe we can work it out! (Stage left)


All: Alright let’s battle!

Eclipsia: Oh, you have a death wish, hmmm. Well, let the game begin! Let’s see a disappearing spell, awesome! (center)

Eclipsia quickly takes down all the guardians, but two are left and it isn’t a guardian it is Black and White.


Scene 2 ( middle)

Abandoned castle of the 2 sisters. The battle area.

Eclipsia: You two! The more the merrier I suppose!(stage right)

Black: Well, we weren’t planning to battle here! (stage left)

White; Let’s see how about our dimensions!(stage left)

Eclipsia: WHAT!

Now at the Black and White parallel universe.

White and Black: Form! (Stage left)

Eclipsia: WHAT! NOO! ( stage right)

Black and White light surrounds the evil enchantress and engulf her, she disappears.

Now at the abandoned castle of the 2 sisters. ( Black and White in stage right while prisoner stage left.)

Scene 3 (END)

All: Hooray! For Black and White! (stage left)

Suddenly Black turns gold and white turns silver! Like the original rulers of Equestria, Gold and silver! They are now the new rulers and the 4 leaders are also restored.

Guardians and rulers: You are our main leaders now! ( In front of Black and White)

The Moon, Eclipsia lays there defeated, returning to her original self, Silver!

Eclipsia: oh what have I done my sister Gold!
But I can’t be defeated perhaps I shall wait for another thousand years, I will rule them soon! Mwhahaha! (center)

Looking sadly at the Earth.

Developers Logs:
Developers log#1: 3/12/15, 1:43-2 ( school)

I was suppose to complete 3 steps to the action plan, but I didn’t because it took too long to make everything just right. My title sequence took more than what i expected it to be and so did naming the project. When I was trying to make my backgrounds, it was difficult to obtain them and import. There was really no change in design.

Developers log #2: 3/15/14, 5:20-6:30 (home)

I started my first scene but it went all wrong so I spent a lot of time trying to fix it. so I only got through step 3 not even. So I must add more sessions to the plans and I underestimated.

Developers Log # 3: 1:10-2, 3/16/1, school

I started to complete more of the steps but I have to postpone the finishing and checking stage, because the progress is slow so I must work on it more. I have finished some of the scenes and almost done with the all the characters and the backgrounds.

Developers Log # 4, 3/17/15 4:15-5 (home)
I had to fix some and had to change an picture because I found out some were not creative commons. In addition I had to move some of my sprites to different places because it would not fit right. i also had to change the second to last scene because I realized I need a sprite. In addition I also had to fix my speech of characters specifically the old silver because the speech didn’t make sense. Furthermore, I had to add in new sprites because of the creative commons problems again for the old silver. Also I added in the end for a closing because I realized that it would leave a extreme cliffhanger.