Great game because it teaches something (Math, Multiplication, factors, multiples, game)

Dec 13, 2013
by: RMorales

The product game is a game in which two player play and they need to multiply by the other number that the other player gets.The goal of the game is to get four number in a row and try to not get blocked by the other player.What make this game fun is the blocking because when the other player is going to in you block him and that makes it fun also.

I watched Diodrey and Noah on 12/12/13,and they said that the game was awesome because they were blocking each other.

The game started with Diodrey,Player 1 drags a marker to a number in the Factor List to select it.
Player 2 drags the other marker to any number in the Factor List, including the same number marked by Player 1. The product of the two marked factors is highlighted on the game board in Player 2's color.Player 1 moves either one of the markers to another number in the Factor List, and the new product is highlighted on the game board in Player 1's color.
Players take turns changing a factor on the Factor List to create products. The resulting product is marked with the player's color. If the product is already highlighted, the player loses a turn.
The first player to have four spaces in a row highlighted in their color (up and down, across, or diagonally) is the winner!

At one point of the game the player were angry because they thought that one of them were cheating.

A turning point in the game came when Diodrey he saw that Noah went and played then Diodrey went and blocked him and he kept blocking him until he won.

Finally,the game ended when Diodrey kept blocking him again and again until he won.

Most people would find the product game to be awesome because this is a cool game and you can get entertainment with your friends.