Apr 15, 2012
by: baeyam

The topic I chose to write about was hair. I chose this topic because I found it very interesting. I always wanted to grow my hair very long and fuller. I wanted to find out what can help me grow my hair. I believe you can make a homemade recipe that will be good for your hair. I heared that shampooing your hair isn’t good. My teacher use baking soda to wash her and I believe in the future I would follow this step since I see some improvements in her hair.

I don't really know much about this topic. But there something I do know for a fact. One thing I know is shampoo gets your hair dry, and using any iron on your hair burns and makes your hair fall out. I heard if you don't cut your ends you hair will fall out. I also know you need to wash your hair at least twice a week. Certain hair sprays can also damage your hair.

According to the article called, “”How to grow your hair longer and faster at home”, by Marnie Knuz I came across with some information. As quoted, “Trim your hair every eight to 10 weeks." Getting rid of dull, split ends will help your hair stay healthy and shiny, and leave room for new, undamaged hair growth.” I was surprised to read this because I never believe so, it was interested think I will test this step to see some improvement with my hair. I am scared to cut my hair because I am thinking it won't grow.

In “How to grow thicker and fuller hair,” by Chris Deoudes, he provides several information. One of the information is to drink plenty of water because its helps your hair grows. Also to take multivitamin every morning, it helps as well. When taking vitamin it is ask to ask a doctor which is best for you. This helps me with my question because it told me what needed to grow my hair longer. This article provided material and resource that I can use as a reference.

In “How can I naturally grow thicker hair?” by Anna some information caught my attention. As quoted “You can boil some pieces of dried gooseberry in coconut oil, strain the oil and use this. You can also use the piece of dried Indian gooseberry to make a very effective rinse. Boil these pieces in water and use the strained liquid to rinse your hair. This quote had me interested and had caught my eyes. I enjoy this quote because this is a homemade recipe that not expensive like other products for hair. This is easy to make and healthy for your hair.

The article “Thicker and fuller hair” by Penny Williams gave several information. As quoted in the text the coloring mixture opens the cuticle and colors inside and out. This is why you appear to have more volume in your hair when you color. The texture appears thicker and fuller because the scales are wide open.” I was shock because my hair is dyed another color, if I knew this before I would have never done this. I didn’t know that dyeing your hair had such damage to it. Such as dyeing your hair is a no if you trying to grow your hair.

In the article, what is hair loss in women by Trisha Macnair, she states major points on hair. The reason some women lose their hair is because of their age and being stress. In this quote “growth cycles alternate between a growth phase (called anagen, it lasts about three years) and a resting phase (telogen, which lasts about three months). During telogen, the hair remains in the follicle until it is pushed out by the growth of a new hair in the anagen phase.” I surprised to read this because I never knew there was a growth cycle. I just thought perhaps hair just grow naturally.

Overall after reading, I learn many new things about hair. In order to grow long and fuller hair, you can ask a doctor to subscribe you vitamins for your type of hair. Also take time to rest and relax the more you sleep your hair can grow. Don’t get stress; your hair can fall off like this. Also you don’t always have to buy expensive products for your hair. You can make a homemade recipe which can help your hair be healthier. Research relevant information on what is needed for your hair to stay strong, check out the ingredients as well.