May 7, 2009
by: A-Fratto

 Everyone in there life and a person who they look up to for guidance and help.  Some have many, like me, and some have just one.  They change as you grow older or the day or just the situation.  They are there in your life to help you and care for you.  I have found since the last couple years this person has been my sister.

            My sister, Nicole, is three years older and a senior at Juan Diego.  She has gone through high school life and dealt with drama and friends and parents.  And at this point in life that’s my really only problems and hopefully they can stay that way.  But still that’s what you need a guiding hand for,  To help you with problems big or small.

            So my sister is best.  I may not get along with her well sometimes, but she still shows me the right choices.  She lets me talk to her about anything.  Sometimes I don’t feel comfortable talking to my parents but with my sister I can just tell her whatever and she knows what I should do or say because she has been through it all.   I feel it’s better to have someone there for you that has gone through similar things.  Soon she will going to college in a couple of months and I’ll have to find someone new but that’s the beast part of a helping person you know who you want to find to be there for you next and how to be a conscience guide to someone else.