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Jun 1, 2010
by: kcon7558
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Okay, so you see some kid walking around school playing a guitar and some say that kids good! Others, maybe, the ones who havent got a clue about guitars might say what a loser why bring a guitar to school?

Well if you know anything about guitars and what its like to be a musician then you wouldn’t say such things. You would know that a guitarists most prized posession is his guitar and he/she would always take it wherever they go, and if you don’t then your crazy.

 When a guitarist brings a guitar to school they want to be able to play and not care what others think. Bringing a guitar to school is another way for them to play for others and have fun! Lets face it school ISNT the funnest place on earth. So lets make it fun. But what about the people that bring guitars to school just cause they have issues and really don’t know anything about playing guitars?


dude you copies my article

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dude you copies my article hahaha