Gun Control Issue

Oct 14, 2012
Candlelight vigil at Fort Hood by By The U.S. Army on flickr.

I recently took a survey where I had to answer questions about my ideal political candidate. One question asked about gun control. I don't know much about politicians, but as I as I pondered this issue, I realized it was a high priority for me. I am sick of imagining what it would be like to be in a situation where someone opens fire on me. I don't understand how guns are available to idiots like James Holmes, who shot up a theater full of Batman fans.

Rampage shooting has become a social disease in our nation. Shootings in Aurora Colorado, Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, and the Empire State building are examples of dangerous people getting their hands on guns. Our nation's psyche has become more angry and violent, as each shooting incident quiets down, another takes its place and the rage beats on. We continue to be outraged and saddened by these incidents but guns are still available at the nearest Dick's Sporting stores. The accessibility of guns and semi-automatic weapons is too easy. I believe that strict gun regulations would not cure the social illness associated with angry men, but it would abate rampage shootings and allow people like me to go to a movie without re-enacting the terrors of last July in my head.