Gun Control School Project

May 27, 2016

I was doing this project for school class. Apologize for not updating the movie destroyers for about three months or so but I'm going to watch X-men Apocalypse this weekend so I suggest that you can wait for the spoiler stuffs and critical discussion, some sort of things such as "how to kill apocalypse" if he isn't dead in the movie. But, whatever, gun control first.

I was sending surveys to people in my school and gosh, there was a mean dude who shouted bad words even I can see his name. But still, I need to quote the second part of his comment:
"Guns don't need to be controlled, people need to be."
This is really something that I like. Problem is that this dude is a Trump supporter and now I know that a whole bunch of Trump supporters are aggressive there's no question why they were attacked by Bernie and Hillary supporters. Those people support violence in international relationship or something like that and they deserved to let this theory to be throw on their face.
Bah, too far from the topic. However, this dude's idea is pretty much correct. Most of people who did that survey have the same opinion as well.
People think that guns are bad. However, it's the 46th weapon that are used in crimes. I've seen some idiots before who shout that guns only kill people and they should be banned forever in civilian use.

My conclusion is that we should check everyone's background before let them purchase guns. And also, government should definitely do some work in shutting down black markets and stop smuggling.

I'll post the entire survey later, since I have no idea how to post a survey.

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