Guns should be taken from people

Jan 9, 2013
by: Hectorh

One problem going on in the U.S. today are the issues of guns being reformed. 16,272 murders were committed in the United States during 2008. Of these murders 67 percent were committed with firearms. Surveys have be taken and 436,000 of 5,340,00 murders had some association with someone being armed.

One issue about this statement is that some people who own guns do not keep them safe. This can allow any person of their family to gain access to them easily. Like the shooting that had recently occurred, where the mother owned guns and her son gained accesses to them which lead to children and teachers being killed. Washington DC currently has had the most deaths by gun over from 1960 to 2008.

Another issue would be how easily someone can purchase a gun in the United States. There are many gangs throughout the U.S. who have easy access to guns which lead to shootouts drive-bys and innocent deaths. The government has recently spoke about raising prices on bullets which will lessen the amount of deaths. As well, as the prices on guns which would make people think twice about purchasing these weapons and ammunition for wrong.

In conclusion weapons in our time are used for murder as much as guns are used for justice. And, the rates of guns being used are increasing dramatically. With this happening I believe that either gun and ammo prices should be raised, guns should be locked up in safe places, or guns should be taken from the people.



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Submitted by Telar on Wed, 2013-01-09 15:47.

i liked this post a lot. this is true to many crimes are happening and its getting quite out of hand. its unfair that some people still can get their hand on a gun with out legal document and this can effect others because you cant trust a lot of people to make the right choice when it comes to situations like this.

I agree with this.

Submitted by Karlat on Thu, 2013-01-10 11:29.

I agree with this.

This article and all your

Submitted by Josefl on Thu, 2013-01-10 14:41.

This article and all your opinions are very good. I agree with what your saying, i feel as if american government should take more precautions with guns.

I disagree

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Submitted by 18bagbekb on Wed, 2013-02-27 14:52.

I am disagreeing with your post, "Guns should be taken from people," because it goes against the 1st amendment of the right to bear weapons, plus the people paid actual money for those guns, you can’t simply take them away. You could limit the sell of guns and make it stricter but what America really needs is better security in the schools. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: "One problem going on in the U.S. today are the issues of guns being reformed’’ because it shows a real fact, but there are many better solutions rather than forcefully going into someones house and stripping of them from their guns. This is unconstitutional and it would result in a few fatalities because people are just crazy, enter their house and they would think that you are a robber or something, sooner or later you would be shot and there is nothing you could do since you went in to strip them of their possession.
Another sentence that I disagree with was: "Another issue would be how easily someone can purchase a gun in the United States." This stood out for me because I was outragged when I read it.You can’t buy a gun in New York, you have to drive somewhere buy one, get no bullets and drive back to New York with the gun in a very tight box.
I don't agree with you that guns should be taken away. One reason I say this is that we cannot defend ourselves from those gangs you speak of when they would attack you. Another reason I disagree with you is that the people would be mad because some people have extensive collections of antique guns, I agree that guns should be banned, but not all types because we all need a way to defend ourselves from attacks.
Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you wrote about a series issues and I think that you could make a big difference in someone’s opinion.

Take guns from people is called theft, a crime in all states.

Submitted by Mike on Sun, 2015-10-11 21:08.

Young man you really need to live a little longer, see and hear some things outside what your loving government tells you. Or at least wake up and smell the crap you are shoveling. "The most gun deaths were in Washington DC from 1960 to 2008?" Really, and during those years didn't they have amoung the most stringent and restrictive gun laws in the United States. Don't just do what they tell you. Or believe what you hear. Do some research and think for yourself. Here is some things to learn about. I will not tell you what to think. I am not going to tell you what happened, that way no one can say I, like the government and media, am telling you what I want you to hear in the way I want you to hear it. 1. Posse Commitatus. 2. Waco, TX and the Branch Davidians. 3. Ruby Ridge, ID. Just to get you started. Good luck my friend. However, if you really want to see "gun violence"? Try to TAKE guns from the American People.

less guns will mean less gun violence right?

Submitted by guzmanyv on Sun, 2015-10-11 22:46.

There are many more factors that go into gun violence other than gun ownership like socioeconomic status, gender, and mental health. The homicide rate in the United States has been steadily decreasing since 1960 but for some reason in recent years mass shootings have increased. There are two big questions that are hard to answer: Is the freedom of the 2nd amendment worth the current homicide rate? Is gun violence a temporary problem?

It may just be me that thinks

Submitted by TravisA on Mon, 2015-10-12 02:13.

It may just be me that thinks this, but if there was a law that required everybody to have a firearm on them at all times, wouldn't that dramatically decrease crime rate since you'd be surrounded by others that would use the firearm for good?

Is banning really the answer?

Submitted by TRollman on Mon, 2015-10-12 13:19.

While I understand your view, I disagree with the logic you use for it. If thousands die from car accidents caused by distracted driving, should we take cars away from people? With the logic you use, yes. I feel like we do need to create better restrictive policies on who can purchase guns, but getting rid of guns isn't going to solve the problem. Then the only people that would have guns are those who get them illegally, and who could be more likely to commit crimes (seeing as they have already broken the law in obtaining the gun).