Hanging on

May 17, 2009

 Here is another photo I received in my email. This one is an inspiring and hopeful photo. You want to cheer for the frog to hold on. When you first see it you may take notice to how big the bulb of the flower is compared to the frog. This could make it even more inspiring. The frog could be really young. The part that appeals to me the most is how calm the frog seems. They don't really show emotions as far as I know but this on looks like it is not worried. That really inspired me to be fearless in this time in my life. I'm hanging on for the very last bit of high school, about to fall off and find new ground. This photo encourages me to be calm and not worried during this time.


This is a really nice photo.

Submitted by 11colladoj on Mon, 2009-05-18 08:28.

This is a really nice photo. It really is inspiring and what you said makes a lot of sense. I hope you can get through those times.
P.S. the frog is really cute. lol