Hanging from the ledge

Jan 14, 2015

My mom and my grandmother bought a house, the house was big, had three rooms, the living room, the kitchen, the garage. That day my mom went to work in the car, my sisters and I were alone in home, our second day in our new house, so we had to clean everything but Alison came to me and she said, “I have a big idea, let’s play in the piscina,” and katherine replied, “But what game because now all our toys are in the box and the house is not clean.” Vanessa shouted, “ I know, let’s play with our pool.” We started to play in our pool in the morning.

So we were on the sofa and Vanessa asked me, “Can we watch a movie?” “But what movie?” Alison replied. Katherine said, “Mmm let’s watch The Hunger Games.” I said, “Alright let’s watch it.”, Alison went to kitchen and cooked something for eat but just for her. Katherine asked her, “Why did not cook something for me?” Alison replied, “Because you did not tell me that you want something.” “Leslie,” Katherine shouted, “Alison doesn’t want to cook something for me.” and I said, “Alright, I gonna cook something for you, but tell me what you want to eat?” katherine said, “I don’t know whatever.” and I just looked at her like, “Are you serious? you want to eat something but you don’t know what, that’s great”

One hour later we were bored and my sister Alison had a great idea, she thought, “If I am hanging from the ledge above the door I won’t be longer bored.” So she went to the kitchen and she started to play with the door, I didn’t imagine that she would play with the door, so I was cleaning my room, and my others sisters was playing with her.
When suddenly I heard a noise from the kitchen, so I ran at the kitchen and I saw my sister on the floor I was cared and I asked, “what the hell happened to the door? and what the fuck are you doing on the floor?” Katherine said, “She was playing with the door and she was hanging from the ledge above the door, but when she was doing that, the door can not bear the weight of her and broke.” My sister Vanessa was crying and I asked her, “Why are you crying? kl don’t tell me that you were playing too” Vanessa replied, “I am crying because I thought that she was going to hit, but she didn’t hit.” When she said that I was like, “Oh my god, are you kidding?” and Katherine was laughing because Vanessa was crying for a stupid thing.

Alison was scared because she knew that my mom is going to remind her. Two hours later my mom arrived at home like always, but she didn’t imagine that my sister is going to break a door, so when my mom was going at the kitchen Alison ran and said, “No mami, you don’t have to go at the kitchen, Leslie can cook for you today.” “what?” I replied, “I don’t want to cook today, my mom is going to do pupusas and I can’t do it, so my mom has to do it for us.” and she looked at me like, “Don’t be stupid just do the pupusas” “What happen with you today Alison?” my mom asked, “I need to do the pupusas for you my princess, so stop.” My mom went to the kitchen and she saw the door and she shouted, ”What the hell happened to the door? who did that?” Vanessa, Katherine and I turned around to see Alison and said, “She was,” in choir, my mom looked at her and asked her, “What were you doing?” “I was bored,” answered Alison, “And I decided to play with the door, but when I was playing the door did a noise and broke.”

My mom was angry with her and she said, “Alright, if you play again with the doors you’re going to pay for repairs ok?” Alison said, “Yes mami, I don’t gonna play with the doors again I swear.” My mom pay about $65.00 dollars for repairs the door. That day my mom was angry.