Hanging Out Memories

Sep 26, 2008

Hanging out with friends is something i've always injoyed doing. Whether it be in the comfort of our home or outside doing something. Spending time with my friends has given me memoriable events. With friends you experience some of the most joful memories. Here are some of the memoriable events.

My friend and i went to the Beach and met two guys with whom we had a great time. That same day we decided it was best to just go with ourfirst instinct in everything. It was a day that we planned the day before and wereexcited for no apparent reason. Once we got their we had a blast, in and out of the beach, having an overall good time. When it reached 9:00p.m we went to the sprinkles to clean ourselves from all the sand, seaweedand rocks that had gotten into our bathing suits. At that momentour intentionswere to go home, that was until this two guys came upto us and started to flirt, I was attracted to one of the guys so when they offeredus some drinks, i accepted. We decided to instead of leaving the beach heading back and relaxing for a little longer. We stayed there on the beach watching the stars having a great time. When my friend and I got home, I felt enlightened. Meeting those guys was a trip, even though we didn't expect to met two chillguys, we enjoyed ourselves and its a memory I'l remember for atleast my teenage years.

Or the time my friends and I went to Six Flags. It was a not so good day to go to Great Adventures, but the tickets were already brought and there was no going back. I was excited just as much and my sister and our friends were. The weather was drizzly and some what foggy but along the way the weather got better, It was a long ride so once we got there. we were all jumpingwith excitement and relieve that we were finally there. I was excited because it ws going to be my first time ever riding a roller coaster. I was so happy and couldn't contain my smile. Once we got inside the park we headed for nitro, I thought the ride was going to be lame but to my surpise, I neverfelt so near death until riding nitro. It was fun, scary, an immense adrenalin rush, it was a pile of mixed emotions. After nitro no other ride met its standards. In every ride we got on my sister started screaming as if she were being killed, it was hilarious. My friend and I couldn't contain our laughter. Then after riding all the rides we considered scary, we had a snack and purchased a huge teddy bear. Then we all came to my house and knocked out.

Even random hangouts become some of the best memories. Well i got this odd text message from my friend Josh, Telling me there was going to be a miniget together in his girlfriends house and that i should come over. I had nothing to do that day so I called my friend, Maria and asked if she'd want to come with me . She said yes, so we met at the subway and we were on our way. Once we got there, we said hi to everyone, and started watching scary movies. Then one of Joshs friend pumped up some music up and we all started dancing. We all had a great time. Just hanging out and having a chill time. Kate, Joshs girlfriend ordered some pizas and we all ate. Afterwards Maria and I headed out and went to eat some frozen yogurt. Then we hopped on the train and we were both on our ways to our homes.

So know you think of some memories you think about  when you were hanging around with friends.


How enjoyable life can be

Submitted by jsmith on Wed, 2008-10-22 10:16.

I appreciated your post, "Hanging Out" because you really showed how enjoyable life can be if you make it that way. That it isnt always as horrible as it may seem. Im glad you had such a great time with your freind which i think is also cool. You showed that life is short and sometimes you just have to release your inhibitions.

One sentence that stands out for me is "That same day we decided it was best to just go with ourfirst instinct in everything" I think this is amazing because it shows that you sometimes should just go out and do what you wanna do. Unfortunately for me,im not like you so i cant do that. In many ways,im sort of restricted.

Another sentence that i admired was " Even random hangouts have some of the best memories" This stood out for me because your right,some of the most random get togethers can have the most liv

Very interseting

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Submitted by NCharles on Wed, 2008-10-22 20:13.

I found your story to be very interesting.It kept my interest while i was reading it.It sounds like you've had lots of great times hanging out with friends.

I liked how you said the ride nitro at six flags, "was fun, scary, an immense adrenalin rush, it was a pile of mixed emotions." I remember when i went to six flags with my friends i was to afraid to ride the nitro, now i regret not riding it, because it sounds like a lot of fun.

I am really looking forward to your next piece. I'm sure it will be as interesting as this one.