Happiness can be hard to achieve, Eudaimonia.

Apr 13, 2016
by: aviwes

Happiness is Eudaimonia, is like a mirror because if you do positive things that is going to reflect in your emotion, and that is how you meet the level of happiness. This topic it have been out there for many of year, even Greek people had study this idea of Eudaimonia with means to them that this is happiness, and they describe it as highest human good. Many people believe that happiness is not something that you have to meet by doing positive things, that it comes when it have to come that you don’t have to do nothing about it. However this idea for me it’s very important happiness to me is having a smile in your face, and by having a smile is like you are talking to someone, having a smile you don’t even have to open your mouth to tell someone “oh” you are welcome to talk to me, and tell me what you feel.

The idea of happiness, or Eudaimonia it has been out there for many years even our ancestor had practice this Idea, and they believe that there are six steps to meet this criteria, in able to be in the level of happiness. the first step to be in the state of happiness is Autonomy the idea of being independent, because if somebody is controlling you, you are not going to feel good about yourself, and you are going to be there waiting for that person who is controlling you to make decision for you. The second one is Personal growth finding your identity, knowing who you are as a human being, not only knowing how to growth as an individual but also mentally, because if you don’t know that you are growing mentally you always are going to be thinking like a teenager. The third one is Self-acceptance, accepting yourself as who you are knowing that you are like you are. the fourth one is Purpose in life knowing why are you in this world knowing your role, because everyone is here in this world for a purpose and this is why our ancestor were here in this earth looking for the idea of happiness. the five one if Environmental mastery is trying to achieve the idea of happiness, this idea is like babies walking steps by steps to be able to walk well. This is the last and final one Positive relations with others being able to interact with others, being able to communicate better, and this were the steps that the Greek people use to be able to find the level of happiness. This idea of happiness it still exist now everyone are trying to meet the level of happiness, and research had been made about this topic, and by trying to find the level of happiness you have to be confident, positive, and also with a smile in your face.

Many people may said, that happiness is a waste of time to try to achieve it, because you may get into a major depression, for example couples who are married, and the women find out that her husband is cheating on her is there happiness there, this is an example that people goes through this problem a lot, and then divorce comes and when couples get into this steps many people may kill himself, because they feel that they are alone in the world, and to try to get up, and make their way up, it can be so difficult, many people may said that, why would you try to gain something that you are not going sure of, because trying to accomplish something that you don’t even that that is possible is a waste of time, because this emotion goes and comes around, nobody guarantee that to you.


I like it!

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Submitted by lovebugleen on Thu, 2016-04-14 15:00.

It was refreshing to get another person's perspective on such a broad topic as "happiness," so I thank you for that breath of fresh air. You elaborate on the "six steps to achieve eudaimonia" quite well. What I would suggest doing to take your writing to another level is briefly describe the history/origin of this theoretical idea and its evolution to today so that the reader can get a better grasp on where exactly all this information is stemming from. However, I commend you on your kindness to share your research with the world.

Hello! This was a very

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This was a very persuasive discussion! I personally think that reaching the highest level of happiness is a very difficult task, but I see the value and importance of it in my life too! I think you did a really good job of stating and maintaining your point of view. I, also, think that you did a nice job of explaining each of the six steps to reach Eudaimonia and staying on topic. Good work!