Haunted Castle

Mar 18, 2015
by: 20kumarig
Haunted Castle
Act 1
Act 2
Act 3
Act 4

This is my animation for technology class. It is about three friends who finish watching a movie and two of them want to go home. The third friend isn't ready to go and when they notice a castle they hadn't seen before, the third friend decides to explore it, bringing the other two along with her. They try to explore the castle but are continuously chased by different creatures. It was really fun to create this project (though it's not that scary).

Act 1 Scene 1 (Beginning)
Setting: On the road
[Enter stage left and walk toward stage right. Stop in the middle of the road.]
Kate: Wow I’m glad that’s over!
Jen: I’m tired. Let’s, like, just go home now.
Belle: No! We didn’t do anything fun yet!
Jen: We watched, like, a 3 hour movie. I think that’s enough for me.
Kate: And I have a test to study for.
Belle: But it’s only 6:00 and it’s Saturday!
Jen: It doesn’t change the fact that I’m, like, tired.
Kate: C’mon, we’ll just do something else some other time.
Jen: Like, yeah.
Belle: Let’s just do one more thing!
Kate: Like going home?
Jen: Wait, what’s that?
Kate: Looks like some creepy mansion!
Belle: Let’s check it out! Then we’ll go home, I promise!

Act 2 Scene 1 (Middle)
Setting: In front of the castle.
[Girls stand in front of the castle]
Jen: Like, woah!
Kate: It’s a castle!
Belle: It looks ancient!
Kate: I never saw a castle up close before!
Jen: Is anyone, like, in there?
Belle: I don’t hear anything.
Jen: Maybe there are, like, ghosts inside!
Kate: Ghosts?! I don’t like ghosts!
Belle: Don’t worry. The place looks abandoned.
Jen: Maybe they’re the ghosts of, like, the royal family!
Kate: Can they be nice ghosts?
Belle: There are no such things as ghosts.
Kate: Phew. You had me worried there!
Jen: Then, like, what’s that?!
[Ghost appears stage left]
Belle: Run!
[Belle, Jen, and Kate exit stage right]

Act 3 Scene 1 (Middle)
Setting: Inside the castle hallway
[Girls enter stage left. They stop in the middle of the stage.]
Belle: I think he’s gone!
Jen: Like, why’d we run in here?
Kate: I just followed Belle.
Belle: Well, I still wanted to check the place out.
Jen: Like, where are we anyway?
Kate: The castle hallway, I think.
Belle: This looks like my basement… only neater.
Jen: Like, look at those royal family pictures!
Belle: Look at that bat!
[Bat enters stage left]
Kate: Watch out!
Belle: What did we ever do to him?
Kate: I don’t know!
Jen: He looks, like, pretty mad!
[Girls exit stage right]

Act 4 Scene 1 (End)
Setting: In the pathway to the garden)
[Girls enter the pathway from stage left]
Kate: This place has too many creatures for me!
Jen: Next time, we are, like, SO going to the mall.
Kate: Now, why did you run out here?
Belle: I was trying to get to the front door.
Kate: And since we’re in the garden, I guess we took a wrong turn.
Jen: There cannot be any more creatures left to, like, chase us.
Belle: Unless Dracula’s here.
Kate: Don’t be silly! Dracula’s probably on vacation in a less sunny place this time of
Jen: Dracula’s not here, but like, does a ghoul work for you?
[Ghoul enters stage left]
Belle: I am so out of here!
[Belle exits stage right]
Jen: Never coming here again!
[Jen exits stage right]
Kate: Don’t have to tell me twice!
[Kate follows behind and exits stage right. Ghoul follows afterward.]

Developer's Logs:
Developer’s Log #1
Start time: 9:45am End time: 10:20am
Today I got more done that what I thought I would complete in my schedule. I thought that I would finish steps 1-4 but I was able to partially do step 6. I got to finish a lot but it took me longer to do the title sequence. It took me about 10 mins to do it, but it took less than 5 mins to do steps 2-5 so I had extra time at the end.

Developer’s Log #2
Start time: 9:10pm End time: 9:40pm
Today I did as much as I expected and finished all the steps I planned in my schedule. The only difference was that I took less time on the dialogue and spent the extra time fixing my title sequence and making it better.

Developer’s Log #3
Start time: 9:20am End time: 10:15am
Today I didn’t finish all the steps that I planned to do in the schedule because I had some difficulties making the project flow smoothly. Most of my characters spoke too early and my title sequence froze in the middle. I only got up to step 25 instead of 30 and I plan to continue working on this a little longer so that my project will go the way I want it to.

Developer’s Log #4
Start time: 12:00pm End time: 3:00pm
Today I decided to finish all the steps in my schedule even though it took longer to do. I planned to work for 2 hours but finishing all the steps took 3 hours. I believe this was because I took up most of my time replaying the animation to make sure my sprites said their lines at the correct time. I also made some changes to the script to make it sound better.

Developer’s Log #5
Start 5:00pm End: 8:50
Today I made some major changes for the final product. I realized that using the wait blocks were inefficient for me so I used the broadcast blocks. These blocks assured that the characters would speak when they’re supposed to instead of saying things at the same time. It took about 3 hours to put the broadcast blocks in and the rest of the time I replayed the animation to make sure it played the same each time.