Have you ever copied in high school?

Oct 31, 2015
by: aly

Have high school changed us all? In terms of cheating or copying? Well I decided to find that out by interviewing 4 teens who are still currently in high school and a college freshman. My first person that got interviewed told me that she had copied once on a test ,but she had a reason to do so. She said, “I have once...becuz the report card was coming and i had a B+ in math and my parents wanted to see me with all straight As so i asked for help on my quiz.” She tells me how the reason why she had to was because of all the pressure from high school and simply because she wanted to make her parents happy. High school is one of the most important years that would have a great impact on your future. I interviewed my friend, the one from college, and he says that he had copied before but for homework. Then he told me an interesting quote. He said, “My motive was a passing grade , as man once told me ‘if you don’t cheat you aren’t trying’” I thought that was funny because I never really saw of it that way. What did that man mean when he said you aren’t trying? I wonder what he meant by that. But as my friend continued to explain, he told me about the benefits from it. He said that copying was like kinetic learning and because he learned from what he wrote, he got an easy A on his tests. Which I find surprising. I never really did see copying as good thing like I didn’t know it can also ‘teach you’ in some ways. While I was interviewing him, I interviewed a senior at my school. He told me how he would understand from others point of view on cheating and their motivations but he would never and never ever copied or cheated. He found it wrong. So I continued on and I interviewed a sophomore and I asked him the question. He told me he paraphrased it soooo it isn’t necessarily copying. I didn’t ask about his motives because i was confirmed that the reason why he did it was for his grades. The last person I interviewed was me, myself. I honestly never copied all the way til high school. But high school is when it really hit me. I didn’t copy but this one time i paraphrased sooo i don’t know if that counts or not. However in other words.I would say that cheating isn’t good but if you do then the reason would somewhat be understandable.


Grades and Cheating

Submitted by jesskim34 on Wed, 2015-11-04 14:28.

Hi! It was interesting to read about your interviews with other students about cheating in school. I feel like students are pressured to cheat because of how heavily grades are considered for college. Student's futures depends so heavily on grades that students want to do everything they can to get an A. If they see an opportunity to get a better grade, they are most likely to take it. I think that grades therefore shouldn't be considered so heavily for the future and the grading system should be changed or added with other aspects of the student more. So everything is equal.

"My motive was a passing

Submitted by gsaturno on Mon, 2015-11-16 17:45.

"My motive was a passing grade , as man once told me ‘if you don’t cheat you aren’t trying’". I really like this quote a lot because it shows that people who actually cheats tries at school even though it is a bad thing to do. They want to get a good grade.

I came across many people who

Submitted by rpreziglesias on Tue, 2015-11-17 19:54.

I came across many people who have cheated but none have said that they learned from it. Also, the quote about how cheating meant that you're trying confused me at first until I continued to read and think about it. You can debate that if they're not your answers, then you're not really trying. However, you obviously want a good grade and are risking getting caught in order to get your work done, so I guess this can be considered trying. This kinda shifted my original opinion of cheaters and was interesting.

I think most or all students

Submitted by mkennedy on Wed, 2016-01-06 13:44.

I think most or all students cheat. We help each other cheat and if a classmate do not cheat or help you cheat we(students) see that as abnormal behavior.Cheating is like a unspoken code between students.

I agree to your sayings, it's

Submitted by cniegos on Sat, 2016-01-09 01:16.

I agree to your sayings, it's funny how people response to your answer. It is not because I criticize but because it is true. Many people have various reasons to copy and cheat, it's either they want to have better grades or their just to lazy to think. To be honest, I copy sometimes too but in minor situations. But yeah, I like it and I get what you trying to say.