Have your drink, and breathe it too.

Apr 22, 2009
by: daneb
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Breathe responsibly is the credo at the new Alcoholic Architecture bar in London.  "Culinary adventurers" Sam Bompas and Harry Parr created this temporary architectural art installation to showcase a gin and tonic on an architectural scale, a.k.a. the size of a room. 

Alcoholic Architecure creates a intoxicating vapor using the same ultrasonic humidifier system found in Antony Gormley's installation at the Hayward in 2007 called Blind Light.

Gizmodo - London Bar Pumps Gin and Tonic Into The Air: Please Breathe Responsibly - Alcoholic architecture

Visitors pay 5 pounds (or about $7) to don a special suit that protects their skin and clothes and hang out in the room for up to an hour.  That's enough time for an average person to consume 35 milliliters of alcohol (about 1.2 ounces) and get mildly intoxicated.  The exhibit/bar is open until April 25th.

This seems to be an incredibly creative way to feel the effects of alcohol.  It seems that we are endlessly motivated to find new and better ways to deliver psychoactive drugs to our brains. Oxygen bars, Vaporized Alcohol... what's next?