A heart for Joplin

Jun 14, 2011
by: 16islamr
A sweet heart for Joplin

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Joplin is such a small, but amazing town, and it really isn't fair that it had to face a mile-wide twister that wasn't expected. People of Joplin may be feeling that nobody cares about what happened to them. However, of course we care and there are many ways to help. This video is just a reminder to the people of Joplin that we are there for them. It would be awesome to here the comments on this video so I know that you care too.A sweet heart for Joplin


What I Thought

Submitted by 16burmann on Tue, 2011-06-14 20:10.

You did a great job explaining what happened to Joplin. You were also very informative about the disaster. I also love the heart picture you used. You did a great job! :)

This Video Was Really Informative

Submitted by 15GoldsmithA on Wed, 2011-06-15 11:39.

Hey there! I just watched your video and it was really good. You had some really striking graphics, and the pictures that you showed as part of the movie really reflected the devistation and the destruction caused by the natural disasters being faced all over the world. The voice-over and the images, as well as the music and information that you provied really made an impact on me, and i want to say congrats on a job well done. You conveyed a lot of information and lots of facts on an important issue that is being faced in our world today. Crazy twister right?!