Heaven's Stairway

Jul 8, 2014
by: amarston

Hey ladies and gents! My name name is Alex and I am extremely loud and very open, but I can be really shy. I am creative and always thinking of new ways to solve a problem. I like to step up and take command as a leader, but I am also teaching myself to step down when necessary. I'm always thinking about my future and ways I can better myself as a person. My top goals in life are to be able to help others in need, become an example, and do something that can change the world in a positive way. I’m playful, yet I know when to get serious. I can also be very mischievous and very, I mean VERY curious. I love compliments and showing my work to others. I think that if someone compliments me, it’s only kind to give a compliment back.

In school, If you don’t know me much, I’m seen as crazy and someone who is not afraid to say what she feels. I’m the person who always raises her hands to answer question and creeps out the new kid. I make sure I do my work and get it done. I am hard-working, but I can also be very lazy. I can be found in my small group of friends joking by the locker. I do weird things and have a crazy laugh. I’m usually that person that people can talk to because I don’t go around gossiping.

Outside of school I’m not really sure how I’m seen. I often worry about not making the wrong face so people think I have an attitude even though it's my neutral face. When strangers talk to me though, they see me as shy, which I am, and hopefully kind. When I open up my they laugh when I speak, so I’m guessing that others find me funny.


Dear Alex: I am glad about

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Submitted by mfranzua on Mon, 2014-07-14 10:48.

Dear Alex:
I am glad about reading your post "Heaven's stairway", because It is interesting that you are describing who you are, and that helps me to know more about you.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is " I'm always thinking about my future and ways i can better myself as a person". This stood out me because Now, I know that we have the same Thinking.

Another sentence that i Liked and stood out for me is "I am not sure how i am seen". I also have the same idea about me, because sometimes i thing i am put the wrong face, and people maybe thing i am glad to talk or see them.

I Can make many connections with with you, because about what you wrote on my post you also like going to barbecues because family and friends are important.