high school vs college writing

Oct 13, 2009

well my experience in high school was good, as far as writing goes the most writing I ever had to do was my senior year of highschool english. we did a lot of reading and writing. I also did alot of writing my junior year. In highschool I must say we never wrote multiple drafts on one essay but I like it better because you can always make a paper better. we mostly did narative essays which is a little different but also all through high school we had to do the taks test which was an assesment and we had to do them for each subject. and usually the topic we had to write about was something that you could write almost anything about it was a wide variety of how you could go about writing it. most of our stories had a specific format that our teachers would want us to use.

college I like a lot better because you write more than one draft and every draft your story gets better and better. we get a topic , make a list of some thing ; events or stories that we know that can relate and we boil it down to one story and we write our first draft and then we go back and write another that makes it ten times better because we use the skills we learn in class and then we write a final draft writing it using all the skills we learned.

I believe highschool did prepare me for college writing. I practiced it enough times to get the hang of it and I actually enjoy doing it. I see it as a way to let your mind free and be creative and tell your story exactly the way you want it to be told and no one else can tell you otherwise.I think the largest issues is not school in general its going to class every morning. I like going to school but I just have those days where I just dont want to get out of bed at all but I get through it.