The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy- My Take

Oct 28, 2014
by: landayc18
Don't Panic

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a trilogy of five books written by Douglas Adams and a sixth book by Eoin Colfer (commonly known for his 'Artemis Fowl' series). It is a science-fiction satire comedy that pokes fun at the parallels between it's fictional universe and westerner society, based off of a radio comedy in 1978 for BBC Radio 4. It's many humorous topics include monologuing mid-story about barely-related problems plaguing space societies and describing in great detail the interactions of minor characters not in any way relevant to the plot, as well as throwing numerous unexpected and ludicrous situations at the reader.

It is a very intriguing series to read. I myself find it hilarious. One of my favorite is from the Restaurant at the End of the Universe (also a book title in the series). It starts by making fun of people who take into consideration the feelings of animals they eat, moving into describing the thoughts of the Restaurant band lead and his opinion on the band's performance that he finds out of place and unsatisfactory, and that he doesn't need them for his performance, that he has done it enough times to entice the audience and draw them in by himself the entire time (this goes on for quite a bit before slowly returning to the main plot). The book later describes the exodus of used-car salespeople and telephone sanitizers from a planet that didn't care for them but absolutely could have used their useless expertise when a plague came from a dirty telephone and killed the entire population.

I find that the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a very rewarding series to read. Yes, some of the satire is outdated and more fit for a 1980's England rather than a modern America but that doesn't mean that modern Americans still wouldn't appreciate the humor. I myself thoroughly enjoyed reading about how useless American Express credit cards are, how time travel is slowly eroding history, and even how terribly, terribly unlucky some people are. It's a very universal kind of humor.

So I recommend it. It's an excellent choice of literature.



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