Hmong refugees

Feb 19, 2016

United States often have many foreigners, who seek help but can never find it because of the language barrier between the two countries. It’s important that the U.S work to reduce to level of language barriers, so that these foreigners can have a positive impact in our country. Hmongs for example, the Hmong Refugee act was passed in 1980 permitting Hmong refugees to migrate to the U.S. However Hmongs struggled to adapt to the lifestyle, because of the language barrier.
It wasn’t until 1990s when the Hmong American Mutual Assistance Association (HAMAA) was formed. They provide a community center that service the Hmong community. Their purpose it to encourage education, and become apart of their community while keeping their Hmong culture heritage. They help them seek employment, and housing. This program have been of Hmong help for over 20 years now.
In the summer of 2004, when the International Rescue Committee is gearing up to assist a new group of Hmong refugees scheduled to be resettled in the United States. The U.S. government recently announced that as many as 15,000 Hmong from Laos now living in a refugee camp in Thailand may be eligible for resettlement in the United States over the next two years. This greatly helped the Hmong Refugees have a better opportunity for resettlement, and eventually help provide to the richness of the community they live in.
These organization greatly helped Hmongs Refugees get involved with their community, get a better education, and eventually become employed. Organizations such as these should be offered to all refugees who migrate from their country to the U.S. This ultimately positively impacted the U.S population.


This really interesting to

Submitted by mkennedy on Fri, 2016-02-26 20:00.

This really interesting to see how a program helping Hmong people in America. Giving them education. Everyone deserves a chance in america to live the America Dream.

It is very important that we

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Submitted by tsaeteurn on Fri, 2016-02-26 22:16.

It is very important that we work and help others who have a language barrier. people come here for and opportunity and it might not be what it seems. It is good to know that there are organizations like the H.A.M.A.A are here to help.