The Hobbit

Feb 11, 2015
by: BryceK18

I am reading the Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. So far, I have liked it a lot. It is about a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins who is recruited by Gandalf the Grey to go on an adventure. He travels in the company of Thorin Oakenshield, who is traveling to the Lonely Mountain to reclaim the treasure that was captured by the Dragon Smaug. So far, they have not arrived at the mountain yet, but are only a little bit away from it. I am looking forward to finishing it.


Hobity things

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Submitted by pallash.noneofy... on Wed, 2015-02-11 10:16.

How are you enjoying it? I read this book a long time ago just before reading the lord of the Rings, a great book by the way. Have you read the Lord of the Rings? You should watch the movies if you have not already as they showcase the story very well, albeit being a little dark compared to the book.


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Submitted by BryceK18 on Fri, 2015-02-13 18:48.

I am enjoying the book a lot so far thanks for asking.

Tolkien is life!

Submitted by 20hyatta on Wed, 2015-02-25 08:36.

Tolkien is amazing!! The Hobbit was very bittersweet, as were theothrre two books.I recommend reading LOTR and The Silmarillion!

I haven't read this book, but

Submitted by Christian127 on Wed, 2015-02-11 12:47.

I haven't read this book, but I hope to one day. I've seen some of the movies, as well as the Lord of the Rings movies, and they're very interesting. I've heard the books are a lot better, but I haven't had time to read any yet.

First Hobbit, then Lord of the Rings

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Submitted by Mr. Jacobs on Mon, 2015-02-16 11:18.

A lot of young folks don't know the Hobbit was the book that made the whole idea of swords & sorcery books huge. The Lord of the Rings is better and longer, but finish the Hobbit first.

Tolkien is a great author and

Submitted by zepfn18 on Fri, 2015-03-13 09:49.

Tolkien is a great author and I love the fantasy world he creates in the Hobbit. I have only read the Lord of the Rings but have seen the three Hobbit movies which I think are pretty good. Overall I love the plot and Tolkien's style. Consider reading the Wheel of Time series if you like these kind of books.