Horrible things that happen to people with good hearts

Mar 23, 2015

\When I read vignette, “Lucky to be with Habib” from Sold, I felt sad about what happened to Lakshmi. She was dehumanized, and she did not deserve the cruel life that she lived.
Lakshmi was an innocent girl without malice and humble, a beautiful daughter that grew up in the poverty. Her dream and illusions were to meet the amazing city where she noticed that the on the poster were movie stars.

Lakshmi only wants to do something to be admired and be the breadwinner to change her family lifestyle, and be able to have a better future and progress in the city.

I felt with my heart broke because her own family sold her without knowing truly what would happen with Lakshmi. It is something sad because her family forgot about love, only looking for the money. Also, I blame Lakshmi's mother for all of the horrible things that Lakshmi faced, because she forgot a role that every single mother has with a daughter.

She did not feel the pain that a real mother feels when a daughter leaves. Also, she does not even worried about Lakshmi even though she was manipulated by Lakshmi's stepfather, and that he says that she has to comfort.

It is a terrible case that happens around the world. Sometimes families support the prostitution, the abuse just because of money without knowing the consequences that the victim is facing, all the suffering.

Money is the evil of our lives. Even though, it can move the world, but at the same time it could destroy our lives.