an hour with abuelo

Dec 19, 2013
by: IFofana

Recently, I read a short story call “An Hour with Abuelo”,by JUDITH ORTIZ COFER. I appreciated this book Why because this book is has a lot of conflict with his grandpa
The protagonist is abuelo.The story is set in region of Puerto Rico. When abuelo grandson come visit Puerto Rico To see how his grandpa was.And when his grandson come he alway tell him about his childhood.
Don Arturo faces certain forces and pressures.Because his mother send him to his abuelo house and he did not want to go there he meets these forces and pressures by deciding to he listened to his mom and when to abuelo house.
The tension rises when “ abuelo start talking in his slow way’’.This might leave a reader feeling interested. Because he has telling his grandson about his broken leg.
the story climaxes was when he broke his leg “Then the war came,and the American president said that all Puerto Rican men would be drafted. I wrote to our governor and explained that I was the only teacher in the mountain village.I told him that the children would go back to the fields and grow up ignorant if I could not teach them their letters.I said that I thought I was a better teacher than a soldier.The governor did not answer my letter.I went into the U.S.Army.
The falling action ultimately resolves the conflict.abuelo came back home with a broken leg then they give him a wheelchair.It’s a person vs. society type of conflict that’s driving this story.Because abuelo was fighting against another army.