How Am I doing?

Dec 14, 2009
by: jlee2

1. A really good post on Youthvoices in something that clearly states both the topic and personal opinion. You need to make a connection about the topic with personal experiences. The writing must be in appropriate length- if it is long the writing should be interesting enough to keep the reader reading, not just a simple list of fact after fact after fact. Quotations and images should be that are relevant to the writing should also be included. Quotations should be something that is overarching, not just a repeat of something already stated in the post. Podcasts are also interesting because it adds to the diversity of the sources of the quotes.

2. I have been posting my What's up's, discussion comments, and also my discussion posts. I find it easy to find a post to comment on because there are many different topics I can choose from. Sometimes I find it hard to find relevant quotes. Often my topics are not something that is very popular so it's sometimes time-consuming to find relevant articles and blogposts. I especially had trouble finding podcasts. I have been posting about saving money, finding a good book, literature lessons in English classes, and the controversy related to acai. I think my posts are thorough enough because it covers all the information that I've obtained during my researches, it contains quotes from many different sources, and recently I've been adding pictures to my writing to make it more perfect. I make 5 comments a week. People that have been commenting on my post usually agreed with my opinion.

3. From what I see on my page, I have posted over 60 posts in this marking period. Some of my best ones are...

   What's up posts?
   Comments on discussion posts
   Discussion posts

4. I would like to know how to include a video in my post. I would like to do over some of my discussion comments because some of them contain typos and grammar mistakes. I am learning how to read others opinions and how to comment on them. I am also learning how to write essays step by step.

5. Writing on paper takes more time, and it will be hard for others to comment on your writing. It is hard to get everyone to read it because it is on paper. Blogging makes it easier for everyone to either write/read their own as well as others's. Digital photography also makes it easier to either edit, or comment on. MySpace/Facebook/Twitter are different from Youthvoices in that those social network sites are more focused on our personal lives and more casual. On youthvoices, however, there's more opportunity to freely express your opinion on more general matters and exchange ideas.