how am i doing

Dec 14, 2009
by: Jmo

1.something creative and thoughtful that has good description and a topic that the user likes, it must contain a healthy amount of information and has response to certain sections of the writing for example the quotes and images.

2. this week i worked on my final essay on the grid and i looked for quotes to respond too i didnt get to do much of the grid i mainly focus on the main essay to post.

3.i didnt really do much whatsup or comments on other people's discussion but i have been doing my main essay often and i believe that is my best work because it's always about something i want to research and write about.
Discussion week i hope to expand on my main topic of archery,tennis,and pen spinning because my life revolves around those 3 things with a few other things i use for entertainment im not really looking forward to learning anything else from other people because not many students play tennis, archery or do pen spinning so it will be a hard topic to relate to other students with.

5.the difference between writing on paper and writing on a blog is that a blog can be spread all around the world while a paper can only be read by those who have it in their hand also the difference between digital pictures ,art, music,podcast, and videos form the past is that nowadays it is more advance so there are better quality of the matierals and there are more people using the internet now than there was a few years ago. the difference between site's like myspace/facebook and youthvoices is that facebook is more of a free chatting social site where you just hang out with your freinds and play games where youthvoices is more of a site to share work you have done and topic's you care about to see if there are other people liek you in your comunity.