How Is Art Tied to Politics?

Dec 10, 2012
by: HBrandt

The most interesting thing that I learned about Ai Weiwei through using EBSCO was his way of using social networking to try and uncover the Chinese government's many atrocities. After the 2008 earthquake Sichuan province, Ai used his blog to ask for volunteers to document the names of the children who had died in the earthquake due to the shoddy construction of the schools. He was able to gather fifty volunteers to document the names of those who died. He released the names of the children as well as their birthdays daily from his Twitter. Twitter is an illegal website in China that is blocked by their "Great Firewall." Only 3% of the citizens have managed to hack their way around it, one of them being Ai.


Hannah, this is a really cool

Submitted by msprinkle on Fri, 2012-12-14 01:51.

Hannah, this is a really cool topic that I know absolutely nothing about! I had no idea that things like Twitter are banned in China. That's really sad to think of the freedom they clearly lack in that country. I bet they know the real truth about so little due to the fact of the "Great Firewall." I wonder how Ai has not been imprisoned or something for his clear rebellion against the Chinese government? Keep up the good work on a very interesting topic.