How big a TV should you buy?

May 15, 2013
by: miguelc

In Geoffrey Morrison’s article, “How big a TV should you buy?,” from, the author talks about finding the right HDTV for a room, the seating distance which is how far you should sit from the screen, and the viewing distance which fills your field of vision.

When we consider the issue of HDTVs, some might wonder: Where would be a good place to have my HDTV? Geoffrey’s review addresses this question because he informs us on the influence room space has on the desired TV size.

“The other factor, room domination, is completely subjective. How big does a TV have to get in your room before it becomes the only thing in the room (either figuratively, or literally).”

This is basically saying that it depends on the room you’re trying to fit the TV in, such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even bathroom. It also varies on how big your room is, because a 70" inch model might consume an enormous quantity of space.​

Another point Morrison makes in his online post is:

“If you have any doubts, I'd recommend taping off or cutting out cardboard in the size of the TV you're thinking about, and seeing how it fares in your room. Know that once it's actually in there, it will be way more awesome than cardboard, and likely seem way, way bigger. It certainly depends on your room, decor, and overall spousal tolerance/enthusiasm.”

This is significant because I personally believe that cutting out a cardboard in the size of your desired TV seems like a really smart idea. That way you can estimate the measurements and how it will fit in the room without having to waste money.​

What we can appreciate about this writer’s work is how he conveys his thoughts and ideas in one, organized article to assist others in buying the right HDTV. We can look forward to seeing what he writes next, because I am currently doing a project on HD televisions.