How to build a computer

Sep 8, 2010
by: Davis K

           Today in class, I was wondering how a computer is built. From how technologically advanced they are, I had the notion that it took much more time than I was willing to put into the process (weeks or months). I have seen my uncle take a computer apart, but I have never seen one built or even seen the components / materials needed to build one. So, I looked it up and learned a lot.

          “Have you ever thought about building your own computer?...Well, now is the time to get started.” This quote comes from a site called, the place that informed me about how computers can be made efficiently and for your own personal needs.


By researching this topic, I learned that building a computer is not as complicated as i imagined it to be. Although complicated at first glance, the process of creating a mechanical brain for someone isn’t rocket science if you have the correct materials. If you have the money and the time, you can build a computer. Plus, you can build a computer ideal to your own needs for cheaper than buying one.

I found this information out via a google search. By typing in “how to build a computer,” I got over a million results. There are many ways to find answers to this topic, but google will no doubt give you the most to choose from.

Although google is a very helpful tool, there are other great sources on the internet to find information from. For example, when I just searched wonder wall on google, I found out that there are no significant differences in the ways that laptops are built compared to desktops and macs compared to pc’s. I would think their would be differences due to gap’s in quality, but I was completely wrong. Unless I looked through pages and pages of information using the same search, I would have not found that interesting fact out. Here is the link that explains this concept.