How Can I Use The Internet While Avoiding Its Risks

Feb 24, 2015
by: 20mehtar

I can use the Internet very cautiously and keenly to avoid its risks. For one, I can pay attention to what applications, programs, or files I download because viruses and trojans and other types of malware can exist in the download and greatly affect how my computer runs. Also, you should be careful of the games you play and download because they could have trojans or spyware or for that matter, any type of malware. In addition, you should never give out any personal information to anyone on any social media or gaming website because many people could use that information to stalk you and try and take take your money that you have in your bank account if you have one. Additionally, you should constantly update your computer as much as you can so that your computer can get stronger and better deal with any malware. As a result, you should really try and be aware of what you are doing on the Internet and try and do whatever you can to keep your computer out of harm's way.