how do cartoons express real life situations?

Mar 30, 2009
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Mr.Fish, Feb19 2009, Feb19 2009

i thought that this cartoon was interesting because it has a catchy message. our economy is in the state of a recession and people are looking for work. this cartoon shows a man sitting with a poster behind him saying "will hope for work". the cartoon has to do with the slogan of our new president. this slogan gives people hope that there is hope for people looking fo jobs. our economy is doing badly and many individuals have lost their jobs, and cannot support their families. this cartoon is showing that people are waiting and hoping that there is hope for a better future. i think that this cartoon shows that there is still hope left and people still believe we can improve our economical state.


I like this cartoon because

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Submitted by 11BalaguerM on Mon, 2009-03-30 13:59.

I like this cartoon because it shows how we as a nation are ready to change and work for anything with our new president. It shows the world is in need and obama is the help for the nation at the moment. The world needs to come together and help just like kind people who give change to the homeless.