How do personalities come about?

Mar 3, 2009
by: jsmith
What I'm good at

Well I am amazed that their is so much to talk about when it comes to my inquiry question. All these issues and problems and dilemmas come to my mind when i think about humans and the germination of their personalities. Even the very thought of how you and i have come to be is exhilarating...well to me At least.  Like i have said in my earlier posts,we are all equally significant. We are everything and nothing at the same time. There should be nothing after us.   

An unbalanced world

Now with this in mind,to get more specific, we should all be equally moral,respectful and we should all feel the same amount of self worth....but we do not. We are completely different personality wise and that is a good thing but when it comes to these key traits like being disciplined and being obedient and playing your role. This should be extremely uniform in all of us. We all have different levels of respect and determination and these kinds of things, but it should not be that way.

A fiscal society

This country today is in A lot of turmoil and trouble because of our disgusting actions towards society and responses toward money. You have probably heard me ask this question before but why are we acting like we are extremely destitute?? THERE IS MONEY, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE MONEY. As long as there are trees on earth which make paper. Our currency is safe!!

The people
Back to my point about our different levels of respect and such, BECAUSE the amount of values is various in everybody. We act according to that particular level.  You have the people that do not give a crap about anything and are just average Joe's,  civilians living day by day and to them, reality is ever-constant and there will never be anything more. Then you have those people who are on a different level of caring, a much higher level in which they have enough to offer to other people. They make their lives interesting in all sorts of ways.

More people
 There are the disgusting slobs who do not take care of themselves at all and emaciate the bodies they were given. Its vile and vulgar. Then you have the people who are the exact opposite and keep well fit to put it short. It is not fair for the people who have these higher levels of respect and discipline and benevolence that they have to work harder and harder for their money just so it can be used by the opposite kinds of people. Humanity should be even for the next generation.

Under the influence

"So, how does this apply to sex? Well, remember how we talked about cultural influences on sex? You can be born with a naturally high libido that gets dampened by a strict religious upbringing. Or, you may be born with a lower libido that is encouraged in a household that has a positive attitude toward sex"

This quote had me thinking about A lot when i saw it. I saw an obvious point after i was finished. What this quote means is that you can either have the drive for something and its restricted due to your environment OR you can have almost no ardor for something but then the environment causes you to alter your "level" of the ability to use that thing to a greater extent. I know I talked about attributes earlier in this post and this relates to it completely.

A slight alteration

The thing is though,sometimes our need or libido" for sexual intercourse is so strong that if one environment does not permit us to do it. We then simply look for another environment. This also goes for the people that do not want to have sex. This does not just happen with sex,but with all types of events. When we want something and if we want it really bad, we will do whatever it is to get it and that is just it.

Teen sex

THIS is why we have so many teens having sex these days and getting pregnant. Parents home AKA the environment did not allow for it to happen so they simply venture out elsewhere to find sex. School can be one of these environments, as a matter of fact; school can be a medium for so many different types of things that kids want to do. It is very hard to keep control over this kind of thing.

Back to levels

Again!! This relates to our degrees of significant principles and morals. If some of these facets outweigh others....then this could also work instead of everybody being on a equal base. Lets take teen sex for example. If a teen has the trait of being overly obedient. He or she is very astute and never breaks a rule. Now this same teen has a very high sex addiction. Now depending on which quality is more dominant. He or she will act according to that and nature will take its course. What we have to learn to do is push those negative traits to the pit of our stomach and shine those positive traits more often and maybe something will change in the world.

"Their data demonstrated that male vervet monkeys showed significantly greater interest in the masculine toys, and the female vervet monkeys showed significantly greater interest in the feminine toys"

Well this did not make me think that much. I always figured that animalistic behavior was in some respects the same as human behavior. There is not much difference. We be have like animals ourselves...and thats an understatement. I got this quote from an article that was talking about why boys play with different types of toys then girls. Now i read the whole article and they have not come up with a reason yet but i thought about my own reasoning and came up with a conclusion.

I would think that boys were always supposed to be the leaders or the ones to do all the dirty work while the female stands behind and is the emotional medium of support amongst other means of help. We have adapted this for so long that we have...the resulting action. This is pretty obvious. For a very long time,we have seen the typical lady break down and cry or stand behind the man if something frightens them. Things are changing drastically in this day and age. Anyways, why should this be any different for kids? Girls play with girly items and boys do the same. A male is a male and a female is a female. Would you like a definition?

Question in comic form


Well this is pretty funny. Obviously if your parents dont have children...then you would never come to be. This is the jist of my question. How do our personalities come enviornment? or from birth? I can ask this question over and over and we can come up with a bunch of different answers but i dont think there is a right one. Maybe we are just who we are JUST because. I mean its alot to think about but at the same time...there is nothing really to think about.