How do we Stop Disturbing Behaviors in our School

Dec 3, 2009
by: 14ChengA

On December 3rd, my principal wrote a memo. She said, "Some disturbing behaviors I have encountered include [. . .] copying homework or answers to tests from a classmate, taking teachers' records, and removing copies of exams from the classroom." That makes me feel very unsafe because some students bully smart kids to solve all the answers on homework and other students lean towards each other when the teacher is not looking to copy answers from each other. There also some older students I overheard who were discussing about actually trying to steal some things from stores, which is an act of unlawful crime. I have an idea about how we can stop that. My suggestion is that we do have patrols to make sure there is no trouble in the hallways and classes. Although this might not be preferred by many people and maybe our principal, it must be done in order to assure security in our halls. With patrols, bullies, theives, and cheaters might not do what they would normally do without the patrols. To obtain the patrols, a sign-up would be preferable and also a look at the person's records so there might not be bullies who are pretending to be patrols.


I don't think that patrols

Submitted by 14castroi on Fri, 2009-12-04 12:37.

I don't think that patrols are the best idea because we would feel uneasy in our own school, and even though a school is a schools and nobody really likes to go to school we spend most of our time here so I think we should atleast be able to feel comfortable in our own school. But with patrols there is a chance that students will still be able to do the same thing, I really think that only way to stop cheting has to come from the people themselves. But I do like the idea of patrols, and it would be a good idea if the situation was more drastic.

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