How does fashion influence teenagers?

Sep 30, 2013
by: dho

My general topic I interest in is the influence of fashion to teenagers. Before I started to think about this topic, I have chose so many topics; however, I realized that those topics didn't inspire me to do some research about them. Until then, my English teacher Ms. Paraiso have explained the process of this project thoroughly and I came to see her after school to get informed. This pushed me to think deeper about this topic,but I still have some struggles because I was thinking that I wouldn't be able to find any evidences. Then, finally I came up with this idea because I'm personally like exploring new products in the mall. After that I thought about it and realized it has a big effect to the community and young teenagers in general.

There are so many reasons why I am so interested in this topic because it is important to the society. I don't want to see more high school students dropped out. First of all, I see so many examples in the mall and my house which is most teenagers buy tons of materials to cover themselves up just because they want to impressed someone. Second of all, I'm tired of seeing young ladies who would do anything just to buy pair of brand new shoes. This is ridiculous because in their ages they shouldn't be care about that so much, instead of try to get an A in math or English. Fashions is keep getting stronger by generation because of the influence from all over the world and it is like a drug which everyone is addicted to it.

After I have done so many research, I found new information and this really inspired me to keep doing this topic. It is really interesting because those statistics surprised me as a teenager; most of the parents had spent a big amount of their budget on allowance and other teens needed. Moreover, teens that come from high income family got allowance about $175/week which is really large amount. However, those teens who didn't get as much money from their parents, they tend to find a part time job in order to completed their needed. One more thing that I found interesting is that some teens who didn't feel comfortable to wear some certain clothes because it to provoked; however, they have to force themselves to wear it just want to be for in with the group. Fashion has transformed people into different person. Theses information had pushed me to hold on this topic because I believe parents and others people should be informed by these big issues.

There are not of people will be interest in this topic because they would think more about the social media or violence; however, those issues could be happen because of this small topic. Inequality happens if we didn't fix this because there are many teens that faced this and they don’t know how to get rid of it. Teens that come from low income family tend to be treating the most unfairly because they didn't have the ability to fit in with other group of teens that high income. Therefore, it will cause segregation just like the segregation time.

This topic is really important because it would be affect to the whole community and new generation. If we didn't fix this, the younger one would face so many struggles such as depression. Depression is one of the problem which means teenagers' brain couldn't develop well. Teens care so much about fashion because they want to be fit in with the group and get rid of being ignored from some guys next door. Other problem such raping because there most of young ladies who wear some clothes that too provoke which lead the guys do what they shouldn't be doing. Some girls even commit suicide because they cannot handle the bully and all the comment that peers made. Parents also need to be concerned about this because when they give allowance to their children, they never ask what their kids use that money for. Some teens do not use that money to buy lunch nor school supplies; however, they tend to spend it on brand new shoes because someone in their group has those shoes. Sometimes when they didn't what they want, the bad side of them is going against them. Therefore, violence happened and this is how fashion spread into big issue. Overall, fashion had been the greatest enemies to teens and parents. The relationship between parents and teens is a nightmare which means they wouldn't listen to what their parents told them. One more thing which parents and the community should be thinking over again is teens start to dropping out from school. This is horrible because if new generation is giving on their education who would lead the country after the elders.As a result, the government or social networking should change something about commercial system and advertisement.


It seems that you are really

Submitted by equinteromaravilla on Tue, 2013-10-15 23:51.

It seems that you are really interested in studying about the influence of fashion to teenagers. Now in days fashion in the teenage world is like the most important thing to them. I agree teens don't want to feel left out of fashion they want to be and have everything that everyone in the fashion world have. I have experienced so many situations when a low class teen can not adapt to a fashionable teenage group because they feel like they are not at their fashion level. While you do your research you should interview people from school,for example the newcomers to know their point of view on your topic because i notice people see them as low class people, I think it will really help you. I'm really interested on what they have to say. Hope to hear a lot more about your topic, GOOD LUCK!! :)

Judging fashion....

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Submitted by Mr. Jacobs on Wed, 2013-12-04 23:23.

Hi I am the Art teacher at New Directions Secondary School in the Bronx, NY and I was reading your post about fashion.

My students are 7th graders who are just learning how to draw designs for outfits, but I tell them they know a lot more than they think, because so many designers want to know what teens want to's crazy how kids spend money for designer names, but what about making their own designs?

If you or the others in your class want to look at their artwork, it's in Google Plus and Flickr. I try to get students from other cities to leave comments or "like" the good designs.

Our link is

Mr. Jacobs
Art Teacher, NDSS