How Good is Going Green?

Sep 15, 2014
by: crystj2

My senior Project is about Eco friendly cars and how they can be positive for our future and world as a whole. The reason I chose to do this topic for my senior project is because, I feel that I can learn more about the environment and how it works. Choosing to do the specific topic I believe can help me to see how I can help shape the world in a healthier way. Two sources that I have found to supply me with information about Green Cars were: This website simply explains the different types of environmental cars. what it means to go eco-friendly. This website also explains the history of the “Greenest Cars,” and what are the different types of models out there. The Forbes website has tons of information regarding my senior project that can be useful and beneficial to me. The second source is a video that kind of distinguishes the difference between Electric Cars and Gas-Powered Cars. These have been my sources so far, however if you may also have information that relates to or can guide me in a certain direction for Electric Cars I would love to hear your feedback. Thanks.


Found Your Post! Have a Source For You!

Submitted by Ms. Shafer on Mon, 2014-09-22 08:45.


I couldn't find your post when I clicked on "Cryst" under Fremont but found it through the search function at the top of the homepage. Yea! We need to fix that though. Did you also make comments on YV?

This morning, I saw on FB that one of my journalism friends posted an article written about electric car owners and it featured his father, who made his own electric car 40 years ago. That's right, 40 years ago! He must have a very good perspective on the frustration of this technology taking so long to take off. He now owns factory made electric cars, but it took 35 years for him to buy one, I think!

The link to the story about him and other electric car owners is here:

I can help you set up an interview over Google Hangouts when our field research window opens on Oct. 1 -- if you want. No pressure. 

Also, the name of that documentary I mentioned is "Who Killed the Electric Car?" Just in case.

Miss Shafer






Such a good passage!

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Such a good passage!

Hey Cryst! I think you have a

Submitted by MelissaNguyen on Wed, 2014-09-24 21:06.

Hey Cryst! I think you have a really relevant topic since our world is now running on limited raw materials or natural resources. We are also experiencing global warming so I think looking into eco friendly cars will make a great topic. Maybe you can look more into environmentally friendly cars that are still in the works or are still currently being designed. You can also talk about how this will be beneficial to Earth and the long- term effects of eco friendly cars. Good luck!