How Greek and Roman Mythology are Connected

Apr 16, 2012
by: cobjoe

Something that has caught my interest lately is how greek and roman mythology are connected. I have studied my fair share of Roman and Greek mythology before. MY introduction to this subject would probably be when I saw the original “Clash of The Titans”. I loved the battle between Medusas and Perceus. I think other people already a basic understanding on greek gods(ie. Zeus, Posidon,Ares). I want people to know the difference or even similarities between these two myths.

I already know most of the Greek gods and minor gods. As for the Roman gods; I only know a little bit on the Roman gods. I know that these myths and gods were used to explain how the world works. I also know that there was some sort of recorded history of great battles with these said gods. I know that Zeus/Jupiter is the ruler of all the gods. Basically i know all the roles of the gods.

In the articale “ Roman Mythology vs Greek Mythology” provided much information on the two myths. It provides information like how myth was created and why. This article also states “ A similarity betweenn these two mythologies is that the symbols and designations of powers are the same in the two.” This is true; an example of this would be Zeus and Jupiter both are head of the gods and both control lightning.

In a article called “Roman and Greek Mythology Names: Gods, Planets, Astrology” it dwells on the creations and gods of both mythologies a bit deeper in terms of names. This article gives many similarities between greek and romans gods and goddeses’s names. One such example would be the Greek god Aphrodite is the most beautiful of all the gods and her Roman god countrerpart is Venus which is also the most beautiful, Venus is the brightest planet besides the moon and the sun. This leads me to believe that even though these gods have different names their roles and stories don’t change.

While i was searching through the internet I found a helpful chart called “ Greek Gods vs Roman Gods”. This chart compares the greek and roman gods of the past. This chart shows us that Greek mythology came before the Roman Mythology. This nifty information shows that the Romans have indeed gotten their beliefs from the Greeks. But there is a difference, becuase The Greek gods are shown as humans, but the Roman gods have no certain look ( they are more like beacons of power). Maybe the Romans did not want to re-create the Greek myth.
In an essay I found it explains the whole backbone of Greek mythology which is called “ Detailed Summary on Greek Mythology”. The essay goes through on how the Greek gods were made by the univers. The Earth was here before the gods. This ties in with the whole idea that the gods were used to explain the ideas on why things happen in the world. The 12 Olympians were rulers of the Earth and were famous for their words rather than their actions. Each god was liek an idea(i.e Ares: the god of war).

When I was scouting for decent “Roman Mythology” articles I found a nifty chart titles ‘ Roman Mythology”. Again this explains all the terms and gods of Roman mythology. Then this sentence caught my eye “The Romans were experts at assimilating many elements of other societies into their culture, including the mythology and gods of the Greeks and other nations.”This is exactly what i needed. This proves that Greek and Roman mythologies are the same and connected.

I have learned that the Greek and Roman mythology are the same. The connection between these two myths is great. This makes me think that if these two myths are similar that what else can be connected. Is the Jewish and Christian exactly alike? Or maybe the Asain and Hindu religions? Maybe that would be my next topic.

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Dear Joel,             I

Submitted by Taylor on Mon, 2013-10-07 09:41.

Dear Joel,

            I enjoyed
your post “How Greek and Roman Mythology are connected”. I have been interested
in Greek Mythology since I started to read the Percy Jackson series. When I
heard some Roman myths I thought they were very similar to Greek ones and I
have always wondered how they differ from each other. One sentence you wrote
stands out for me is: “This proves that Greek
and Roman mythologies are the same and connected.” I don’t think this is entirely
true. I do think they are connected in a very big way but they are not the
same. The Roman Gods are known for war; they thought of war and solved problems
with war. The Greek Gods are known more for wisdom if there was a reasonable
plan that could solve a problem without war they would try that first. While
the Romans are trying to start war the Greeks were trying to prevent war.
Another sentence that I noticed was: “Aphrodite is the most beautiful of all
the gods and her Roman god counterpart is Venus which is also the most
beautiful, Venus is the brightest planet besides the moon and the sun.”
This was interesting to me because I have always wondered if there was a reason
why the Gods got named the planets they did or if it was some random order.
Thank you for writing this post I look forward to see what other things you
might write.