How I Almost Lost My Mother

Mar 18, 2015
How I Almost Lost My Mother
How I Almost Lost My Mother Act 1
How I Almost Lost My Mother Act 2
How I Almost Lost My Mother Act 3

This story is about my father. He was born in Lebanon and lived in Lebanon until the age of twenty years old. He had gone to a farmer’s market of sorts near Beirut, Lebanon, when a group of Israeli soldiers came and attacked the market. My father had to run to a store near the market to seek cover. The people who were not lucky enough to get into the shops were heard screaming and pleading with the soldiers outside. My father heard many people die that day. When the solders left, bodies and blood was everywhere. My father though his mother had died, but then found out that she was in the shop next to him.
Act 1 Scene 1
Setting: Calm Market, sunny day in the mountains
[Walid, Walid’s mother, and his cousin enter stage left. The market is busy and full]
Walid: It is a beautiful day, right mother?
Walid’s mother: Yes it is.Now, I have to go shopping. Could you carry the products.
Walid: Yes of course
Walid’s cousin: Could I help with anything?
Walid’s mother: Go get carrots, cabbage, corn, and 2 chickens.
Walid’s cousin: Ok, bye
[Walid and his mother shop for five seconds, cousin goes stage right and shops.Suddenly many soldiers come]
Walid’s mother: Go hide
Act 2 Scene 2
Setting: a dark shop
[Walid and many others are in a dark shop. His mother and cousin are not with him. He is next to the shop keeper]
Walid: What's happening outside?
Shopkeeper: The soldiers are trying to get into the shops.
Walid: Did they get in?
Shopkeeper: No,
Walid: Do you think my mother is still alive?
Shopkeeper: I think she will be just fine.
Walid: Do you think I will live?
Shopkeeper: I will make sure you live.
Walid: Thank you
Shopkeeper, It is no problem.
Walid:Are you scared?
Shopkeeper: Just a little.
Shopkeeper: It looks like they are leaving.
Walid: That’s good.
Act 3 Scene 3
Setting,: an evening market
[Walid is alone, and cannot find his mother. There are many people around]
Walid:Could you help me?! I need to find my mother!
[No one answers. Suddenly, Walid sees his mother with the shopkeeper stage right ]
Walid's mother: I found out that your cousin and I were in the shop next to you.
Walid: It is good that we are together. Were you scared?
Walid’s Mother: A little bit
Walid: I was a little scared
Walid’s mother: We should get going
Walid: Lets go home.
The End
Session 1-Wednesday-3/11-9:57-10:15-school
I only finished step 1-2 completely, and I partially finished step 3. Step 3 was taking more time than I thought. I was not able to remove the sprite from the background. I had took the time I estimated for the first two, my downfall was step 3.
Session 2- Thursday-3/12-7:00-7:34
I had altered my script and storyboard so that it could make my project better. It made it show the story better.
Session 3- Friday-3/13-9:15-10:25-school
I finished steps 3-6 completely. I had spent more time than I thought I should on all the steps. I had some issues with making the sprite invisible at the title sequence, but then I resolved it. I also had some issues making sure that the speech bubbles do not cover the characters.
Session 4- Saturday- 3/14-10:00-2:00-home
I finished all the other steps, and I reviewed the script and the storyboard. The steps went very well, and the only issue I faced was that I needed to check my project again.
Session 5-Monday-3/16-8:00-8:05-home
I checked my project so that it meets all standards, and put in punctuation.