How I see myself as a Writer?

Oct 13, 2009
by: djones
Favorite books
Career goals

   I think that I am an excellent writer. I read a lot of books and I think that strengthens my writing all the time. When you read a lot you get to know how authors and more profound writers use techniques and expressions to convey certain ideas to the reader. I try to use the same writing techniques in my writing which is what makes me a good writer. I like to engage the reader when I write. Although I feel I am an efficient writer, there's always room for improvement. I'm not the best in grammar but I do feel that I have nothing to worry about when it comes time to write the college essays.
   A time when I had to put my writing skills to use is during the process of writing a essay to get into a summer program in Panama. The association the trip was involved with required for all applicants to write a one page essay explaining why they were a suitable candidate to go on this once in a lifetime trip. The trip, which included room and board, a look into all parts of panama, not just the tourist attractions, a home stay and the last few days there, a stay at a very nice hotel in the heart of Panama. I had to get in. The writing process I took was to think about all of my strengths. And not just strengths but strengths that would appeal to a program such as this. I listed them first then got to work on how to display them in a way vivid enough to the reader so that they would have no doubts in choosing me. All in all, I did get accepted into the program from my essay and the experience was well worth it.

   In conclusion, I feel that a good writer is one that is confident in their writing and their technique. Once you successfully write something once, the rest comes naturally.