How My Family Keeps Healthy

Feb 16, 2016
by: lboyd

My family really doesn't eat healthy, only when the want to. We don't eat take out a lot because my mom rather cook than send money. My dad on the other hand eats very healthy, he drinks carrot juice and eat fruit and a lot of vegetables. He doesn't add salt to any of his meals.

When my family become sick they believe that vitamin C and drinking tea will make it better, well when you have a cold. When I was younger I will be sick for 3 weeks, but as I got older I don't get sick as much plus I try to fight it. When someone starts to vomit, that means you're eating something that is not healthy.

My mom told me I was always a sick baby, I stay sick for so long, they sometimes thought I had a type of disease that will never go away. Every time I will get the bad flu my mom and dad bring me my favorite fruit, buy me fruity popsicles, after I'm done eating my soup and crackers, my parents believe if they feed us our favorite fruits and have us just eat soup and crackers, that we will get better. My dad always suggest me to drink this brand called, "Odwalla" because it has veggies and fruit all in one. I drink it almost everyday and I don't get sick like I use too anymore.


I feel like your first

Submitted by allyschloss on Tue, 2016-02-16 21:16.

I feel like your first sentence throws me off a bit. You made a statement that your whole family doesn't eat healthy, but then you go on to tell the readers that your dad does. I feel like if you would make who in your family does what it would be more clear. It's interesting to see how your family handles sickness, and also interesting to hear that you continuously got sick for long periods of time.

I remember those times where

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Submitted by tsaeteurn on Fri, 2016-02-26 22:36.

I remember those times where i would get sick for the longest. I like that your family take a more natural remedy than going to the doctor. Your dad seems like he is a big part in keeping the family on check when it comes to health. Do you think if your parents hadn't have given your favorite fruits with the soup and crackers, your sickness would have been worse?