How to not act like an Idiot: A Memoir

May 17, 2010
by: RyanMintz

Over the past four years, as seniors it fair to say that we have all witnessed, or even taken part in behavior that everyone hates, and now as our highschool time is coming to an end I feel it is my duty to explain to underclassman how to not act like "noobs". Hopefully this practical advice will inspire some to not make the same mistakes most of us  have over the years. First and formost; while in a hallway/stairway always  take a second to preform a personal self check in which you ask yourself the following questions. 1.) Am I currently soliciting in a large group that is clearly constructing a hallway or a doorway? 2.) Am I standing idly by and watching the masses push their way through a half open door, or am I using my common sense to open the other side as well?. 3.) Am I flamboyantly hugging or kissing my boyfriend/girlfriend as the entire school watches me? 4.) Am I using my plastic sandwich bag as a food projectile stomp rocket? 5.) Am I obnoxiously loud or overly confident when I know I have my "wolf pack" behind me? 6.) Am I rude to people just because they are not my age? 7.) Do I refuse to eat at a table with members of the opposite sex? If you have answered yes to any of these questions thats fine, it just means you are in need of a little introspection. Ask any senior and they will tell you that Judge has the potential of becoming a much better place if people just followed these simple rules of hallway etiquette. 




 well i like it different

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 well i like it different but really good

Ryan, I could not agree more

Submitted by ianlarson on Tue, 2010-05-18 00:01.


I could not agree more with the seven questions that you posed.  I actually lauged to myself because these actions are blatantly obvious day to day at Judge.  I agree that if people followed, as you say "simple rules of hallway etiquette", Judge would become a better place.  I also would go one step further and say that if students at Judge harbored more respect, things would run a lot more smoothly.  Too often people can't get over their egos.  If there was more mutual respect at Judge, I think everybody would benefit.


Dear Ryan,        I

Submitted by rcaravati on Tue, 2010-05-18 11:24.

Dear Ryan,

       I loved this post. Everything that you said in this post is, unfortunatly, true. The worst part about it is the fact that our class prides ourselves on the fact that we do not do stupid things like the class before us; such as using words like "Butthurt" or over using the word "Easy." But the truth is thatour class has it's own stupid things, most of which you have already stated above. I really liked this post i like how you were able to give future students real advice whiole incorporating some humor in the process. I am sad that this is the last post of yours that i will read.

Ross Caravati