How's This Sound?

May 13, 2013
by: ramaar

One of the most discussed topics amongst students is whether or not we should be allowed to listen to music while working. Not only while working but if listening to music has in general has any benefit at all. I am interested in this topic because it has always been in the back of mind, especially while working independently in school. I always think to myself , “If I was listening music, this would be so much more interesting . I’d just sit in class writing to the beat of the music.” But as always the teachers would reject my claim and say music is just a distraction or something of the sort. The question “Does music affect me? and if so what are the results?” would follow me all the way to high school.

Research so far has surprisingly been effortless. There are many articles on the effects of music, not only while working but also listening to music in general. It turns out this topic has been extensively researched. I first began my research like any other student, Google. As I explored the internet I came across several interesting articles relevant to my topic. One of which was “Music and Your Body: How Music Affects Us and Why Music Therapy Promotes Health” written by Elizabeth Scott. This was one of my most favorite and interesting article because it was about how music can be therapeutic.

I have gathered a lot of new information on the effects of music. For example in her article Elizabeth Scott says “Music can also be used to bring a more positive state of mind, helping to keep depression and anxiety at bay.” This means that music can help prevent stress from having negative effects on our bodies. It can also keep creativity and optimism levels high which can keep away effects of depression. If your mom doesn’t want you to get an iPod, show her my post.

There is extensive research on whether or not music affects the mind and body. Music can calm, excite and even motivate people in ways they don’t even notice.


music to your ears huh? Distraction to mine.

Submitted by ortsha on Tue, 2013-05-14 09:31.

Coming across your post ‘’How's This Sound?’’ did make me disagree and also wonder. Within my wondering many facts of life came into mind. When u state “It can also keep creativity and optimism levels high which can keep away effects of depression.” this is a true fact. Yet you would stop and think what types of music has this anti depression effect on a human. This i'm surely would be referring to classical music, and thats due to the non lyrical beats. In my short life time I have learned one thing and that is how music can cause confusion. When referring to confusion i am thinking of car crashes,not being aware of a red light, and etc. Many deaths have been mistakes due to not being fully aware of surroundings. This makes me wonder if it is safe to let kids even have iPods, because not hearing a car honk can be a life or death situation. Not trying to sound too motherly i'm just looking out for the well being of others. During school the teachers are busy getting and keep the attention of children to teach them. Some instructions are given randomly, and yet your headphones are on blast. You missed that one step, and now for homework you have to start from scratch. Being distracted already happens a daily, yet a handheld anything will take your attention from your studies. Yes i'm admitting to my faults. My thought is that maybe some non lyrical music can calm the mind which is still a teachers choice, because theres no lyrics then the instruction can be heard. Because headphones will only close your interaction with others, I don't agree that Ipods of any sort would be a tool of focus during class time.

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