Hunger Games

Oct 27, 2014
by: jordanh18

I read Hunger Games for my book report and overall it was a good book. In this book I liked the action, drama and the feeling that makes you read on. But other parts makes you sad and mad, like why did that happen to that person or why couldn't it be someone else . Two reasons I don't like the Hunger Games. One is in some parts the book has some boring and slow parts that takes along to develop. Another reason is some of the parts are too predictable. If you like fast pace action, drama and the feeling that makes you read on this is the book to read.


Great post Jordan, I really

Submitted by JesusSalazar on Thu, 2014-11-20 19:22.

Great post Jordan, I really liked how you talked about who this book is written for and what types of audiences would enjoy this best like when you say it's for people who enjoy "fast pace action, drama." If you enjoyed the story of this future dystopian society you might want to check out divergent. Here is the link to a website with fans of the book Thanks for your writing, I look forward to seeing what you write next because I liked how talked about the cons of the book. Most people don't really write about certain problems a book may have had.


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Hey Jordan!

Its so perfect that you chose to write about <u> The Hunger Games </u> because we were just learning about the traits of dytopic fiction. We recently read George Orwell's <u> 1984 </u>. I get why you didn't like this book, it wasn't my favorite book either, but I think it does have some merit in its political ideas and social system. Just because a book is slow doesn't mean its necessarily a bad book.


Try reading <u> Unwind </u> it moves really quickly and is really in depth when it comes to our view of totalitarian government versus a growing rebellion