The Hunger Games

May 3, 2013
by: Elan

Recently, I read The Hunger Games , by Suzanne Collins. I relished this book. I feel this way because it was really interesting. I liked the way the author describes the world Katniss and the others lived in.

The characters are Katniss, Gale, Peeta, Effie, Haymitch, Cinna, Claudis, Foxface, Rue, Prim, Cato, and Clove. Katniss is the main character. She is a sixteen year old girl who lived in the ruins of North America now called Panem. Katniss is very brave and caring. Katniss has a younger sister called Prim. She is very protective of Prim. You can get a feel for the relationship between Katniss and Prim on page 15. “I protect Prim in every way I can, but I’m powerless against the reaping”.

The story is set in the nation of Panem, which is a Capital surrounded by twelve outlying districts. The significance of Panem is that this is the future of North America. It is in the future not in the present time. The significance of Panem setting is that each of the twelve districts have a special thing they do. The significance of the setting’s shift from District 12 where Katniss lives to the Capital is that Katniss gets to get ready for the Hunger Games , and she also gets closer to her stylist Cinna. Katniss also gets to see how differently the people from the Capital live from the way people live in her district.
Katniss faces certain forces and pressures. She meets these forces and pressures by deciding to take Prim’s place in the annual Hunger Games. She decides to put herself in harms way instead of her sister. You can see this early in the story on page 22. “ ‘ I volunteer !’ I gasp. ‘ I volunteer as tribute!”.

The tension rises when Katniss enters the arena of the Hunger Games. This might leave a reader feeling excited because this is when the actual Hunger Games start. You start to see which tributes were strong enough to survive. The story climaxes when the announcer of the Hunger Games announces that two tributes can win the Hunger Games if they are both from the same district. Katniss immediately searches for Peeta.
The falling action ultimately resolves the conflict. Katniss and Peeta win the Hunger Games. Its a person vs. society conflict that’s driving this story. The society Katniss lives in forces her to participate in the Hunger Games.


Movie vs. Book

Submitted by Demi on Wed, 2013-05-08 12:35.

I read the book after the movie because I felt the movie was wonderful even though it is 3 hours long but once I read the book I was disappointed. The movie has left so many things out, including very important scenes such as the girl with the red hair or how she received her Mockingjay pin which is very important. I love the book series so much as well. It is very creative, well-thought, and very well written.

Book Is Better

Submitted by Franchesca on Wed, 2013-05-08 12:50.

Dear Elan,
I really injoyed the hunger games, I was acutally recommend to read this. Well sort of I went to my friends house and grabbed the book. I never actually saw the movie in time well in the movie theater. I also agree with Demi the movie left out a bunch of thing. like when I was watcing it I was like what? how did this happen so quickly I thought this and this happened.

I read the hunger games in

Submitted by Angelica on Wed, 2013-05-08 12:53.

I read the hunger games in 8th grade and i wasn't really excited to read it because it looked really boring. Once my teacher started reading the book got more interesting and the movie came out last year and too have read the book and experience watching the movie was amazing! im in love with book i have read the whole saga and its amazing i have read the books like 10 times and i still can't get over it! i think the love triangle can happen to anyone except the whole killing and fight scene. its cruel what happens to the people that died in the games. i am really excited to see the second movie!!!!!!!

Dear Charmaine, I am

Submitted by Charlene on Wed, 2013-05-15 12:51.

Dear Charmaine,
I am surprised by your post, Hunger Games because sometime I just look at a book and judge it by its look. Sometime I ask a person to tell me about the book and THEY DON'T make it seem interesting.
One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is "Katniss also gets to see how differently the people from the Capital live from the way people live in her district". I think this is fascinating because I also wonder about life. I wonder how different it would if I want to go another part of Brooklyn or the borough. Also I wonder how people from out of state will see me as a Brooklyn person.
Another sentence that caught my attention was "She decides to put herself in harms way instead of her sister". This stood out for me because I wonder if I would do it for a younger sibling so they stay safe.
Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. One time I was walking with my Aunt who had her baby in front of her. As she was descending the stairs she sliped and landed on the floor and got hurt protecting his baby.
Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next.

good job

Submitted by Dakota on Fri, 2013-05-31 15:32.

Dear Elan :
I am interested by your post, "Analysis of the Hunger Games" because I had watched the movie and read the book.
One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: "Katniss’s first leap into the pressure of the hunger games is while her little sister, Primrose, is named as the tribute for the survival brawl, and the scene is the moment her life changes forever." I think this is important because if Katniss did not stand up for her little sister, she would not have to go through these horrible fighting and killing adventures.
Another sentence that I liked was: " Katniss is forced to either live without him, or for herself to dismiss her own being for his, but decides an option never before thought of." This stood out for me because Katniss and Peeta went through the whole thing together and at the end, only one of them would have to live. It is so frustrating!!
Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because your long summaries really gave me an understanding of the book.

Hunger Games

Submitted by Leah on Fri, 2013-10-11 10:02.

comment, Elan. I read “The Hunger Games,” and I really liked it. I wanted to
give you my insight on the book. I think the book is showing us, what life
could be like if we keep treating people the way we do. I also think it is
showing the negative effects of reality television. “The significance of Panem
is that this is the future of North America. It is in the future not in the
present time,” this comment stuck out to me because,  I feel
this is what the author was trying to achieve in writing this book. I feel this
is the authors way of warning us about the future of the United States. By
watching reality T.V., we are exposing ourselves to other people’s private
lives.  In most reality shows, people
don’t act the way the would if they weren’t on camera. They act the way they
want people to think they are and then people who are watching, feel bad about
themselves or their lives. Thank you for writing this post. I will be
interested in hearing your thoughts on “Catching Fire” and “Mocking Bird.” I
have also read those books by Susanne Collins and liked them as well.

I think you will be
interested in this link:




This book seems pretty

Submitted by Naomi on Sun, 2014-06-15 22:37.

This book seems pretty popular what did you love more about it and did you watch the movie? also how would you compare the movie to the book if you saw the movie?