Hunters Flock to Texas to Hunt Exotic Extinct Animals

Jan 30, 2012
by: PaigeFery

When picturing Texas, don't most think tumbleweeds or ranches? There are those areas of dry grassland and ranches, but there is also very remote areas that most of the public is unaware of. These areas have the same landscape as Africa. Some twenty years ago an idea was born about what to do with these African like lands in Texas. Texas ranchers and hunters decided to import endangered animals from Africa to Texas to live on their ranches. The land is very similar environment to their homeland, and the animals would be able to flourish there. But after importing the almost extinct species and having them flourish out of extinction, ranchers invited hunters to hunt and shoot the game for a high price tag.

Others like Charly Seale are becoming widely known activists in Texas, trying to send these animals back to Africa. In a recent CBS News report, Seale promotes the growing populations of animals in Texas then sending them back to Africa. With efforts form Seale and other activists, this week legislation will be put into action that hunting the oryx (African antelope species) on Texas grounds is illegal. Ranchers with exotic hunting grounds believe this piece of legislation will ultimately make the oryx extinct. The hunters believe that because they are helping the oryx thrive again, that there is no problem killing them. One rancher even makes a point that sometimes you have to risk one life to save many by hunting these animals.

Both sides believe they are saving these almost extinct animals such as the oryx. But which side really is? In time after the legislation is put into action, we will see which side was really saving the animals lives.


Paige, you're the coolest

Submitted by Andrew Maguire on Wed, 2012-02-01 00:02.

Dear Paige,
Your compassion for animals is amazing. Personally, I think Texas must have suffered some serious gerrymandering in the past because everything I hear about legislation in Texas seems to be obviously stupid. I'm not saying that Utah is any better but we don't have Afro-texan grasslands.
In the Chasing Ice movie, there was one lady who talked about how animal species are going extinct faster and faster. My personal favorite animal is the Tiger, and they are definitely not doing so hot. Its important to note that the ecosystem in Texas has never had this species being a part of it, and overgrazing affects more trophic levels than a lack of non-native consumers. However, its on a ranch so the environment is controlled either way.

P.S. when I thing of Texas I think of The Real World: Austin.