I am from

Dec 11, 2008
by: KCardona
What I'm good at

I am from San Javier, and queens village, from Jamaica
and ohh I wanna go there to.

I am from trips and klutzy mistakes
from chicken soup and too much
water.From Snickers and crybaby's from flan
and cake.

I am from Liliana and Sergio
from Libia and whats-his-name
from my mothers side 'cuz on that side
all the women are strong

I'm from "te vio a pegar'
and "Katherine your such a retard"
from "your weird" and "no he doesn't like you"

Im from winter because its the season of my birth
from rain that always catches me and wind that
seems to hate me.

From  spicy chicken being fried
and greasy soup being made.

I'm from the clouds,that's where my head
always at or so people say. From Krystle's
hug's and stupid grins to 'its gonna be all alright'

I am from memories that hunt me and make me cry
from help that's always offered and never received
from some that make me laugh and wish i could
go back in time.

From imaginary albums that hold imaginary pictures
in which an imaginary family of four laughs and loves
an imaginary album filled with happy and sweet from dreams and hopes
an album that cant be found by anyone except me.



Submitted by sdary on Thu, 2008-12-11 12:30.

thaT WAs BeAuTIfuFUL



NicoleH's picture
Submitted by NicoleH on Thu, 2008-12-11 14:12.

Personally I really enjoyed your peom, i thought it really explained how you felt about Jamaca and all the good and bad memories that you have from there.


i actually made a group called "so you have a talent too?"

i think you should join, its not toom uch so far but u seem to like writing and other members do as well


Yo Sup

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Submitted by WPereira on Wed, 2008-12-17 19:08.

I read your poem which was nice. i come from a similar place "te voy a pegar" LMAO LMAO yeah. it was cool. good job kat. Hope you write more. You are a great poet.