This I Believe

Dec 7, 2015

I believe that parents always want the best for you, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.
When I was thirteen years old, it felt like m y life wasn’t fair. I couldn’t get anything I wanted. What I wanted was a gold chain.
I couldn’t get anything I wIt all started one day when I was playing basketball at the park in Kensington with some friends. I saw that my friend had a gold chain. It sparkled in the sun, and I was impressed with how much it must have cost. When I went home, I was talking to my mom and dad in the living room about how I wanted a one. My parents said, “No, because …” my parents told me, “it is really bad. You are too young to wear gold chain. but I was exasperated. I told them, “I will be fine, it will be safe.” But my parent didn’t believe me. They told me, ‘’If you wearing a gold chain in public, other strangers will steal
it or hurt you, or people will ask if you want a trade.” They didn’t want me to have a gold chain.

A few months later, my parents sat and said, “Sergio, your birthday is coming up. You will be sixteen. I guess that’s old enough to have a gold chain.” I became so excited on the inside, but on the outside I stayed still. I just asked a lot of questions. I will be patient, I will be safe in public. I believe that my family wants the best for me.

This I believe.