I can't buy a keychain

Jul 22, 2015
by: lashanna

I can't buy a keychain when I go to a gift shop, Do you want to know why?,These stores and malls don't like my name, These places avoid my name like it was the plague and they were afraid to be infected.

My name is rare and hardly heard, but just because it has a "La" at the beginning doesn't diminish its value, So, no I can't buy a coca cola bottle with my name on it, but have you ever thought that the reason my name isn't so common isn't because it's "stupid" or "dumb"..it's because it's special. 

The name is so special infact that only about 6,000 people in the world have it, To think that I may be the one Lashanna anyone actually knows and will be the only one they met in their life is insane,How could they forget me?, I bet they'd try though.

No one in my family has this name, It doesn't have a special story on how it came to be, It's not in the Bible and it doesn't mean "Diamond" or "Royalty", However, it was given to me because my father thought it sounded nice 

Did you know that almost all my friends spell my name wrong?, Did you know that almost EVERYONE says it wrong?, Did you know that some people find my name funny like its a joke?,I don't know about anyone else but my name is Lashanna and I don't want to be called anything different - that means no lashanda, no lawanda, and definitely not laquisha. 
Now please don't confuse my calling out these others names as a way of saying I hate them, but I am my own person..I am not what anyone feels like calling me,I see importance in myself and my name, I am an intelligent, caring, and compassionate person, Anyone with this name should be proud.

Be proud that you are special, Be proud that you are unique, Be proud that you can't buy a keychain at that gift shop with your name on it, Be proud to be called Lashanna - I know I am.